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lucky (luckyoc) wrote,
@ 2003-06-08 12:50:00
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    Current mood: rejuvenated
    Current music:my trustkill record cd

    i dont want to poke a dot
    ok so mike the dike....yea chris i know i shoulda stopped talking to him years ago i know you're thinking that. anyways for you guys who dont know, mike and i have been off and on for like 4 years, and then after all the teenage angst and anguish, we decide we're gonna be friends and leave it at that. good idea right? well it was working out JUST FINE and now all of a sudden he doesnt want to talk to me. like i annoy him or something. well fuck dude ive been busy im sorry i cant call you every god damn day it doesnt mean you have to be a cock sucker about it. so whatever. hes off of the buddy list, erased from the cell phone, and if i could find my address book hed be outta that too. im over trying to make friends happy so we stay friends. it sucks when you get outta high school cuz all these people you were close with just suddenly disappear. well mike im glad you are gonna disappear, for gods sakes we graduated last year. *sigh* but at least i have jro and monkey #1. ha and jett and timbo. oh dear i think your old friends mike are now my friends. well you can end up with a buncha stds from 13 year old sluts and have no friends and a shitty ass chevy car. i feel better now. sorry for the profanity guys, i just have a lot of anger and aggression i gotta get out. oh but on a good note, THE DUCKS WON last night woo hoo!!! and i start my new job on monday, and i can walk, im not gimpy anymore!!! oh and heather i meant to call you last night to tell you to have fun on your date that FINALLY happened lol, but i fell asleep. so i hope you had fun and that everything went PERFECT cuz your my best friend and i love you and little buddy you graduate in 3 days!!

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