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robin (luckycharmhead) wrote,
@ 2003-05-13 18:21:00
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    Current mood:blah

    last fri nite at sk8in sucked. real bad. i finally met chelsey who i have wanted to meet for a long time now, and i love her. shes so great. and i also met wyatt. i like wyatt a lot, but chelsey dosent for personal reasons. and my good friend jutty doesnt for the personal reasons with chelsey. i love jutty but she made someinnapropriat comments to me about how her and dave, ryan, and jay were the only ppl who could touch me! so n e ways, everyone loved wyatt except for jutty and chelsey and matt. and i love them, especialy chelsey more than the world, but i think that they arent being fair to wyatt. i know what wyatt did was wrong, but was jutty did was un called for. she choked him with his dog chain, threw him agenst a wall, grabbed his nuts and twisted. ouch, i cant even imagin. jutty almost always has her reasons, but this time she didnt, she had chelseys reasons.
    i really like this guy named shawn. hes great. i dont know about him tho, i like him a whole lot but hes older and he has a girl friend, but some of my friends told me that he was asking about me, so yay. but i still like wyatt too. i really really dont like him for what he did to my friend (by the way if you need to know what he did, u already do), but i would like everyone to just let me figure him out on my own. everyone thnks that i dont understand! chelsey thinks i dont understand y she hates wyatt, jut thinks i dont understand y she beat up wyatt and wyatt thinks that i dont understand y he has to always b so matcho in front of chelsey.
    chelsey always said that he was still one of her best friend and that she loved him like a friend, until that nite at sk8in. when he told her that the year and a half that they went out together ment nothing to him. but he told me that he only said htat to c what she would say. and that she didnt think that she would react that way, and it made him kind of jelous when he said "y should she care so much, shes got matt now" (matt is chelseys new boyfriend). the bottom line is that i want to hang out with wyatt when i want to and not worry about jut or matt or chelsey getting mad at me. and i want to hang out with jutt without wyatt getting mad at me. and mayb in a perfect world, they could b friend but i dont think that will happen. i love talking to bethy about everything too, i love her. but shes gone to a funeral for the next ouple days, im all alone. i just want to dodge some drama, so im not going sk8in, i dont even like it there. i only go to c my friends. i hate it there tho, everyone surrounds themsleves around the bad things that happen even if u dont have to b involved in it at all. i dont like going through my week thinking about what haoend at sk8in the friday b4 and what will happen on the friday after. so im not going this week, mayb a week away is all i need. oh well, shit is fucked up, but im not going to stip being happy, nothing could make me stop being happy!

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