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rAcHeL (luckiestarr) wrote,
@ 2003-06-08 22:27:00
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    Current mood: scared
    Current music:the ataris- so long astoria the whole cd

    grr,blah, and double blah....
    Today sucked alto of fucking ass.After i went to the grocery store craig called and said he was at my house and wanted to hang out so i came home and we hung out and we went to the pier and subway and all that, it was going all good for most of the time but then we were walking back from the pier to craigs car at subway and craig said sompthin about robert cheating on me with sigourney.....He said that robert was "fucking" her and that he thought i knew and that he didnt know we were still dating....This really did upset me alot but then we got to subway and ashley,lee,and eric asked if i was dating "bob" and i was like um yea and craig blurts out yea i just told her that he was cheating on her she didnt know and they all acted like they didnt know what he was talking about , ashley said that sigourney was just a tease and that she wouldnt do that.....Eric said that he doesnt really hang with robert all that much so he didnt know for a fact that it was true but didnt think that robert would cheat on me and at least not with sigourney.I came home a little later and told my mom and jessica what they all said and jessica thinks that craig was just lying because he wants me and we wants me and robert to brake up .I never really thought craig liked me like that anymore or whatever but it is a possibility.Im nto srue who to belive because robert was the so called player back in his day, I never really thought robert would cheat on me because i thought things were going great the way we were but then again he is robert.Im just so confused i really wish he would call but im doubting the fact that he will call tonight , i really wish he would though because i reallly want to talk to him.Damn this week isnt going very well.I hope it gets better and i hope to hear from robert and hope he tells me the truth. but yea thats all i really have to say tonight besides my birthday is in less than 6 days now....much love
    later later

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