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y0u are beAutiful. . . (luciouzdiva) wrote,
@ 2003-03-07 19:44:00
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    Current mood: ditzy
    Current music:i have the radio on...rock 104

    heyhey guys! how was your week? mine was great! lets see you all know how me and bryan finally hooked up *woot woot* i'm soo happy now i have everything i need to be happy with now..the only thing i need is him..i'm so glad i'm in *true*love again, its soo amazing! uhh i love him so so much, a lot of my friends and people that i know say we are gonna last a long time cuz of how me and him are with is just amazing! well moving on..ummm lets see we had another 90 min. delay..we had no school yesterday cuz we got MORE god damn snow! uhh i hate it! and then we had a 90 min delay on wens. so it was a good week though..and we didn't have a lot of work either and here is a plus...i didn't get in to much that good or what? lol..i'm glad me and amber.G got so close rocks..she is really sweet too! haha all my friends are sweet..uhh yea umm brian is doing a little better, still not fully his self and i still feel so bad for him cuz i mean, he does not need shyt from anyone! he has enough going on in his my god give him a break on somethings! hmm what else?? umm yea there is a dance tomorrow night but i'm not going cuz i will probably be with bryan* all day tomorrow cuz we are going to chill at his house for awhile, then go to the mall..maybe see a movie..and then i guess go back to his house or something and chill and then i'll be home so yea i won't be at the amy you gotta tape it like i said with the art thing! and with amber and dan please..thank you lol. umm yea i'm a lot happier now has you can tell..well i don't know what else to talk about so i guess i will get going and update more tomorrow or to ya all later..x0x0 comment meee...

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