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y0u are beAutiful. . . (luciouzdiva) wrote,
@ 2003-03-04 22:24:00
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    Current mood: confused
    Current music:linkin park~somewhere i belong

    hello guys! wow i haven't updated in awhile AGAIN oh well ya know? lol i can't help it if i'm busy..well lets see what has happened in the last past 3 days..hmm so much i'll just start with the easy stuff umm today andy and colie started going out *yay* i'm happy for them hmm katie wasn't in school today cuz i think she is "tired" lol so she just stayed home..umm yea today in school was pretty boring i know i failed the science test i know that much..umm i got home and i was on the phone pretty much all the way till about 8:30 with bryan* not on the phone for that many straight hours but we kept calling eachother back and stuff and then talking online..wows i'm kinda excited cuz on saturday i think (well i know we are lol) we are gonna be going to the mall i gotta find 1 hundred and 20 bucks to buy cds for him lol he doesn't want me too cuz he says it too much and he isn't worth that much..well to bad cuz imma get them for him and he is worth a lot more then that *giggles* you all get my point lol..hmm yeah amy and art are back together and sara and mike.F everyone is hooking up and amber.G are better now we are good friends again -thank god- we didn't talk cuz she thought i still hated her and i thought she still hated me but n0pe we fixed it lol..i gotta stay outta trouble, i've been getting in a lot lately and i think i need to deff. bring my grades up before i get in deep shyt that won't be good..0h guys i feel so much better cuz you know how i said i wasn't in the greatest mood well it was cuz i found something's out about bryan and i didn't like it, it hurt me a lot but it was 0kay cuz we worked it out and it wasn't about me it was just something someone else asked him and i got upset over it..i'm kinda worried right now because of brian.P, he is having such a tough time guys it not even funny i feel soo bad for him, i mean not everyone knows everything that is going on he is telling me more and more about him and his gurl his life and family how he wants to leave he is never much shyt i can't stand it i wanna help him so bad and i'm not that much better so me and him were like we will run away together and have tonz of fun go far away lol..alrighty well i will write more later but i gotta get going and get shyt ready for "fun" school tomorrow haha..i h0pe you all are having a good week..x0x0 luv ya all..c0mment me..thanks to all ya that like my new layout..i <3 it lol

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