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Kate (luci0uslime17) wrote,
@ 2003-07-29 21:14:00
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    Current mood: optimistic
    Current music:I'm glad by J. Lo

    God, wherever I turn. . .that word appears. I mean, what is sooo special about love? So, what? It's an emotion. People are like "Cait, you are turning into a sore bitch just because Alex dropped you". Maybe it's true. But, I just can't take that stupid 4 letter word. If only I could fly. I have considered suicide you know, but really, it isn't worth it. Maybe being a nun. . .I mean, that 4 letter word isn't involved in that job description. Of course I wish what any other girl would. That a knight in shining armor would wisk her away to a magical castle and life, but in real life that knight doesn't exisist. There is no perfect man nor soulmate and there never will be.

    When I was 12 I made a list of my dream husband. I found it today and decided to share it with you.

    Caitlyn's List
    1) Brown hair
    2) Brown Eyes
    3) Taller than I
    4) 6 Pack
    7) Loves Sports
    8) Loves Traveling
    9) Treats every person, race, gender etc with generosity and extreme kindness
    10) Is very smart
    11) Is very funny
    12) Talks a lot
    13) Wants to live life
    14) Romantic
    15) Will completely fall head over heels for me the moment he lays his gorgeous brown eyes on me
    16) Will know I'm the one
    17) Have a perfect smile
    18) Will never let me down
    19) Will let me cry on his shoulder
    20) Loyal to the very end
    21) Will always see me as a beautiful person
    22) Will have nice cheekbones
    23) If we break up, he will never forget me
    24) He will cherish me forever
    25) Will make me do things I'd never thought of before
    26) Will travel to 2nd and 3rd rate countries and help out
    27) Will always be a good friend
    28) Will listen
    29) Will never lay a hand on me or another person
    30) Will travel anywhere as long as he's with me
    31) Will wipe away my tears
    32) Will make me laugh
    33) Won't boss me around

    There you have it. My very hard list of the guy I will marry someday.

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