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Chloe Davies (lovinity) wrote,
@ 2003-04-29 16:55:00
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    Current mood:amused
    Current music:Beautiful World- Coldplay

    I wonder if..
    Dear, Diary.

    I'm so sorry I left you under my pillow for so long, I couldn't remember if it was the pillow; or under the third floor board. Anyway, I'm just happy I found you love! I have to tell you so much! First of all, I finally think I found mister right. He wrote me a letter, and everything! Carina seems jealous, However, I already told her that if she plays her cards correctly & she shall find a price charming too! The other day me, and Elias were talking about the difference between a boyfriend/girlfriend, and just being `together `He said when you have a boyfriend/girlfriend they care more to talk; and say `that's my girlfriend. ` Rather than just kissing, and holding hands -- and everyone just wants to know. When you are going out, everyone knows! So like I was saying he's really nice, and all just i don't know if he likes me, or just has sympathy for me?

    I'll ask Trewleny tomorrow. She most likely already knows, just asking is more polite. I saw my very first fight the other day. Parker was involved, she really is somewhat of a nice girl. Just I don't she likes people getting in her way. Ugh, the girl she had a tiff what had the most horrid lipgloss color I'd ever seen. I just wanted to whip straight of her lips -- ugh it was an ugly boogie. I still have problems with Juniper, She still keeps calling me her best friend. She's a nice girl, and her mum & my mum were best of friends when they went here. So I think she thinks were best friends. Just were not, I like her and all -- but I have my own friends. Oh well no harm done, just sometimes I want to be with Carina, and Elias without her tagging along. Oh Carina is here, and she might find this so I'll write to you later.

    p. s His name is James, and he's so wonderful!

    xoxo. Chloe

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