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Chloe Davies (lovinity) wrote,
@ 2003-05-01 20:15:00
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    Current mood:bouncy
    Current music:Yellow - Coldplay

    He asked me.
    I don't think there is a happier girl in this entire school, but me. You don't understand my excitment, that I can't even write to you. Ok, James Godric Potter, asked me Chloe Olivia Davies to the SPRING FLING! He was so suave, and smooth about it too. Just howI pictured it, I planned it all out in my head-- and it was just like in that story Cinderella.

    Ashton,Alex,Charlie, and a few others were there. I like Ashton a lot , he's so funny. He always makes me laugh. Charlie still won't talk to me though... I told Alex everything, she's a sweet girl. Needs some work done on her, however that doesn't bother me. Even though were totally polar. I can see us being friends in the near future. Carina still needs a date, even though we already know who will ask her. Still James asked me what I want to wear, and what time to pick me up. He's so wonderful! I can't get over it. I just wanted to fall in his arms ; and never wake up ever. Just like in the stories mum told me when I was young.

    I really do have an odd felling about Tristan though, he doesn't seem very open. Like he's ready to bite me when ever I say hello. Oh well I'm going to the Spring Flong with an older guy<333 This totally made my week.

    look at the stars, look how the shine for you..
    I should have seen this all, however I didn't and it was all so wonderful.
    Write to you later love.
    xoxo Chloe

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