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Fetus (punkrazors) wrote in loveyouxnot,
@ 2003-08-09 19:50:00
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    Current mood: confused

    messed up love life
    ok, well...heres how it all started. I had this friend, Evan. he was in a band with 4 other guys...., first i dated Chris P. for about 2 weels. Then i sorta kinda cheated on him with another member, named Jake...who then i ended up dating for 2 months, then i ended up breaking up with him, to date his best friend, and another member named Danny. I was still crazy in love with Jake, and didnt realize it untill it was too late..and jake loved me, but when i finally told him how i feel, he no longer cared. i soon broke up with danny....then a week later, i moved about 45 mins away. danny and i are still friends, same with me and chris...jake and i talk sometimes, but its never going to be the same (before we started dating, we were best friends for about a month) so now i have feelings for jake, and a DIFFERENT chris (Chris C.), who ive known for about a year...chris c was crazy about me, but i never told him how i felt, and he told me how he felt, we got in this argument and didnt talk for about a week and now he only wants to be friends ...ah...this sucks. oh well. any advice?

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