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Angel From Your Nightmare (loveyoulikeido) wrote,
@ 2005-03-08 11:12:00
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    When one thing goes wrong...why does everything else have to also?
    Jeez, I dont know how much more stress I can take. First off, my ex roomate is still hating people and I think her cousin (who used to be my friend) isnt' talking to me now because I tried calling her and she didnt pick up nor call me back. That makes me stressed cuz it already feels like I dont have any friends. Although I know it isn't true but I guess it's hard to see whats around when you can only see bad. Then my mom wanted to claim my ex on my taxes (which I thought was a horrendous idea) and what did she go and do? Claim him on my taxes so being the honest person I try to be, I informed him that he was being claimed so HIS MOTHER called me up telling me i can't claim him and how he didn't live wiht me that long (which he lived with me for over a year and a half and didn't work all during it) and that it'd be my ass in trouble and then she had the audacity to blame me for hacking into his email!!! WHAT THE FUCK??? first off idont give two shits what his child molesting ass does on the internet., I have way better people in my life and secondly if I did how did she manage to read the two lined email i sent him if he got his email hacked? What the hell? I hate people..i really do.but what the fuck ever. What ever what ever what ever.
    Then I'm stressed cuz I have low self esteem and it's starting to get old with me. I'm tired of worrying about this or that...
    why can't i just be happy with myself?

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