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Courtney (loverofrancid) wrote,
@ 2003-09-01 19:21:00
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    Current mood: peaceful
    Current music:none.....

    WOW this weekend has been ....well odd...was was funnie! well Friday i was ganna go to Ashleys house and chill but she didnt call shes all mad at me n shit....i find it very funnie..then i went to Nickys and just hung out....bill,logan and his brother Nick came over for a little while...logan asked me out and i said ya....that was a mistake cuse then i decided that i dont want to put up with a boyfriend and the next day i dumped him....i wasnt to thrilled to do it so i told nicky to do it for me...what a friend!well it doesnt matter because i hurt that logan had a very good time at the mall with some chick...i love to be single and im ganna stay that way...then on sunday night my friends parents were having a big party so i decided to go..well..i didnt stay for long...very one was drunk off there ass's so i was seein some things that i really didnt want to see...eww!so i called up my grandma to come and pick me up...and she did...thank you that night i went to Ravens to spend the seemed like we skated all night...chilled with eathen and he showed us his moves...hes pretty good...i was impressed...ahah...then we all crashed on the couch...woke up skated...invited david over...then some of travis friends came over...then my mom just had to pick me up!i was kinda glad...i really needed a shower becuse i was smellin like a hippie!ahha...then the rest of the day i was pooped so...i really didnt do anything.....i think its ganna rain!!!!!WOOO HOOO!i love the rain as you can see...i have a shit load of home work and i really got to do it because my grades are very low...ahha...dont ever take spanish one...its hell...well...i better get to studyin...well it seems nickys over bill...thank you'!

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