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Courtney (loverofrancid) wrote,
@ 2003-07-08 11:06:00
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    Current mood: dirty
    Current music:linkin park

    good times at a friends
    journal......this is my first you see....

    so i just got back from alanas house.....i had a very interesting time....we watched PeeWee Herman for god sake!....a funny movie...and then sum really gross porno movie....lmao...i think bridget liked it but...who knows?shes a crazy chick...then we did sum gay ass jackass stunts....alana did you ever tell that kid josh what bridget did to his bike...?(bridget almost set it on fire) was smoking real bad!haha

    right now i am thinking about the All American Rejects because there new song just came on (the last song) and how hot are they?there dead sexy...mostly the guitar players...i am druling!!there musics ok but there hot..thats what makes them good.

    one of my friends cuts herself and i dont know why...well i know why but its a very stupid reson to do that.she has a perfect life!!!!STOP!!!STOP!!plz how can i help her?is there a way to stop her?

    i miss NICKY!!!!this summer sucks with out you!cum home!!!
    well i cant wait intell you cum home...
    why am i writing this journal....?no ones ganna read it...well thats even better

    Is it alright to like two poeple?i think so but....nvm...well i am feeling kinda dirty right about now so i should get in a shower! bye

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