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Courtney (loverofrancid) wrote,
@ 2003-07-19 22:41:00
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    Current mood: crazy
    Current music:tsunami bomb...take the reins

    soo....i have been having some freaky dreams...there not scary...but then they are...

    this summer sucks pretty bad but i really dont want school to start....i hate school....gets i am happy because i havent got grouned this summer....well i think i have but i got out of it some how?
    my mind changes fast on guys..i really get to know them and they seem like a whole different person....i found out who they really are.i like someone new....its not a good idea....i should just stop but.....i really dont know whats going on in my mind...
    i really want to hang with my friend destine tomarrow but i dont know what shes doing...she said he was going to cal me back tonight but she hasnt what good friends i have? well i dont know what to say...

    18, you think you're free
    To be what you wanna be
    Have a job or 2 or 3, you'll say you're sorry
    Don't try to run or fight
    Ask how or when or why
    Who cares what's wrong or right?
    It's money that matters

    Each day just like the next
    We struggle on and on
    In nightmares but we're still marching
    Handcuffed to life again
    Don't try, they'll only push you down
    What's opportunity?
    You've got what you wanted now

    How long till I'm my own?
    Independence doesn't start when you leave home

    Locked in, can't get out
    Your cube is your new home
    4 walls, no windows, no doors
    Hancuffed to life again
    Don't try, they'll only push you down
    What's opportunity?
    You've got what you wanted now!

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