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IQ limits strictly enforced (lovehatesyou) wrote,
@ 2003-09-18 21:56:00
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    Current mood: okay
    Current music:The Starting Line - Cheek To Cheek

    My dad's been saying that he and mum think the fact that Paul's moving out has only just dawned on me, so apperantly I'm upset? First I've heard about me being upset over it. No offence to Paul or anything, but there's no chance in Hell I'll miss him. Don't get me wrong, he's still my brother (not by choice mind), and I love him, but most of the time, he can be a right annoying bastard. And I get his room, and the possibitly of getting a computer in there has cropped up. So I'm well happy :)

    Talking about mum, something good has come out of something bad. She might have Shingles or some shit like that. It's like a form of chicken poxs, but it isn't contagious. But, if you've never had chicken pox before, and come into contact with a person with Shingles, theres a chance that that person will get chicken pox. And guess whos never had chicken pox before? :) So that means mum can't touch me :)) I think I'll end up getting it though. After all, we share a house together :S She might not even have it though. She's going to the doctors tomorrow I think.


    School was alright really. I'm not really used to the whole "getting in on time thing" anymore. I lost that routine half way through year 8. Haven't really found a need to get it back.

    Ugh, I had to re-write all my IT coursework. On the big table thing with the information about the datatypes and the short amount of writting underneath, I had to do that three fucking times. All because of stupid mistakes. I drew the table three times, messed that up twice, then when I got to the writting part, I wrote the wrong word. By this time, I was so pissed off and just left it. I've got no one to blame but myself though, so meh. But if I lose marks because of one mistake, I'll be so pissed off :))

    Have you noticed that I have to sit by Jenny in French? Whats the fucking point? She still isn't talking to me :| But! There was an improvmeant on that front. When I was hitting her, she hit me back! Yay! I missed French yesterday (I slept in), so I missed half of the vocab. we had to write in our books, so I asked Jenny what she wrote. But she blanked me! :O So I started swearing at her, got really pissed off and had to ask Racheal to let me copy out of her book. In the end, I really couldn't be arsed to write, so I left it.

    All that drama for nothing :)

    I broke up with my boyfriend :) Yup, I actually had one. Turns out he was a REALLY big pervert, and I really couldn't be arsed with someone like that.

    HAHA, History was so funny before. Mr. Williams wasn't in, and since we had a double lesson, we had two different teachers. First period of History we had Mrs. Steel. And OMFG! Ian likes Racheal L :)) Me, Laura, Lee and Amy think he's got her confused with someone else. The best we could describe her was by saying that she "looks like the The Exorcist with blonde hair", which I'm guessign didn't help at all. Bless him though, because Amy was saying, "Will you neck her?" and Ian was saying, "What should I do? Where should I take her?" :)) It sounded really funny in his Australian accent, lol.

    For our secound period of History, we had Mrs. Chapman :S I don't mind her actually, but she's such a perfectionist. Everything has to look wonderful, otherwise the work wasn't worth writing in the first place.

    Anyway, Six Feet Under's almost on, so I'm off.

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