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IQ limits strictly enforced (lovehatesyou) wrote,
@ 2003-11-01 19:24:00
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    Current mood:love sick
    Current music:REM - Losing My Religion

    Haven't updated for a while. Not much has been happening really.. the past two weeks have just been really up and down with me.

    It's half term, and I'm ill. The only times I'm ever ill is during half term, so I'm not happy at all. Since I've spent near enough all of half term in bed, I've started to like day time tv :| It takes a lot of guts to admit to that, believe me. And after fuck knows how long of hating it, Murder She Wrote isn't too bad either. Although, I prefer the English verson to teh Italian :P

    On Monday, I saw Christina Aguilera in concert in Manchester. She was fucking wonderful. Black Eyed Peas were her support group, and they were great too. They sung their whole album (I think?), so I only knew Where Is The Love? and Shut Up. The woman singer (dunno her name) is a erally, really great singer. When she was singing Shut Up, she held a note in that song for so fucking long. Christina did that too, of course :P When she (Christina) was singing, some girl two rows infront kept standing up and dancing, so she was blocking my view. What did I do? Threw a bottle at her head of course.

    Mum dragged me round town on Tuesday. She's been having some problems with her car, so after she dropped dad off, we went to get it fixed. We were left without a car for a few hours, so we had to get on the little mini-bus thing that dropped us off by James Street. I was saying that I didn't feel well (because I didn't :|) and mum was telling me to shut the fuck up. Caring, huh? :) Anyway, after we got the car back, mum was driving somewhere (forgot where :S) and Lynne phoned. Mum said, "Aww, our Hannah's not well" and Lynne said, "So she's in bed then?" and mum answered with, "No, she's in town with me" :))

    She took me to the doctors a few hours after that, and was actually convinced there was something wrong with me when the doctor showed concern in my high temperature. So yeah, she gave me something for that, ignored me when I said it hurt when I breathed, and gave me some crap to take. My temperature's gone down a bit, but I'm still feeling fucking shite. Lol, I overheard mum talking to Michelle, and she said something like she felt terrible for not beliving me. Eh, sure she does.

    Yesterday I went bowling with Adele, Becky and Laura. Lol, Adele told me that we've got to type up our English coursework. I missed the lesson we were told to do that in, so meh, that's my reason and I'm sticking to it :) Won't take me long to do it anyway.

    My brother came home yesterday.. :| Goes back on Tuesday. God I hope these next few days go fast.

    You know what really pisses me off? Thinking you're over someone, then talking to them, and then realising why you fell in love with them in the first place. I really wish I could hate RH (still not saying his name :P), but no matter what I do to try and forget about him, I can't. He was an ass when we went out, but when we're not together (as in, not in a relationship), he wants to be in one with me. He says he loves me, but the whole idea of someone loving me sounds like bullshit :S And no, this is real love. Not the type of "love" some teenage girls think they're in with someone they've known for a few days/weeks. I've known RH for over a year now, and I've wanted him since the first month I've known him. Apparently, the feelings returned. Shame he doesn't show it.

    Fuck I wish I could hate him.

    Hmm, anyway, that's my update. Might update on Monday when I come home frm school.

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