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IQ limits strictly enforced (lovehatesyou) wrote,
@ 2003-09-30 16:09:00
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    Current mood: blah
    Current music:Our Lady Peace - Innocent


    Well, I was wrong about my dad. He actually set up the computer and the Internet in my room on Sunday. Not that anyone's interested like, but I'm well happy.

    Yesterday was.. eh. Normal I suppose. English was first. Miss Talbot wasn't in, so we had some sub teacher :)) My fucking Lord, I've never laughed so hard in my life. She had a really, really bad lisp, and spat when she spoke. Lol, when she was talknig to me and Adele, some spit was forming in the corner of her mouth, so she wiped it away when she was talking to us :)) It was so fucking hard trying not to burst out laughing while you were talking to her, so when she went, me and Adele just shit ourselves with laughter.

    We had to write some story since Miss didn't leave any work to do. I have no imagination, so I sat doing fuck all for half the lesson. Miss kept coming over and kept trying to give me some idea of what to write about, which led me to fits of uncontrolable laughter.

    Second was History. Got in five minutes late, so me and Laura missed out on the chance of getting a go on the computer.

    Third was IT. The computers in our school are so shit that it's not even funny anymore. On half of the computers, there isn't even a userdrive, which is so fucking pointless that it's unbelieveable.

    Fourth was Maths, then Science.

    Emma and Becky came round to mine after school to see my new room :) We went round to knock for Kirsty Hughes, but she wasn't there. Lol, everytime we go round there, she's never in :|

    Today wasn't better that yesterday :S We missed RE (again) and had some test which will give the school and the pupils a faint idea of our GCSE marks. Neeedless to say, it's quite obvious that I'll fail all my GCSE's, turn into a homeless bum that has to have clothes made especially for my fat arse, and have pubes growing in unthinkable places. That's the life for me :)

    Second was Geography. Went to the Meon for that. I was chewing some plastic thing, and some old womansaid to me, "Spit that out" and the Geordie teacher/mentor pointed to that "No gum/sweet in this room" sign. When I pointed out that it wasn't actually edible, she still made me spit it out :| Stupid cunt.

    Third was IT in the new IT room. Only six of the computers were working in the whole fucking room, so it was written work. Joy.

    Forth was English, then French. They were fucking shite lessons that aren't worth going into detail about.

    All I've got left to say is that EVERYONE should vote for Alex to win on Fame Academy, because I said so :)

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