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IQ limits strictly enforced (lovehatesyou) wrote,
@ 2003-09-25 20:47:00
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    Current mood: cheerful
    Current music:Nirvana - Smells like Teen Spirit

    Haven't had a proper update for a while.

    Since I had a short-term memory, I'll write about what happened today, and forget about the past two days :)

    Had assembley first thing, which was so fucking boring. Some guy came in to talk to us about.. I don't even know what the fuck he was on about :| There was a whoooole variety of yawns; the "wide-open-mouth" yawn, the "I-am-trying-to-keep-my-mouth-closed-this-time yawn" and even the "oh-shit-I-am-yawning-again-I-should-put-my-hand-in-front-of-my-mouth-and-disguise-it?" yawn. The guy kept looking at me, probably because I was staring at the curtains and thinking: "Why are they held together by what looks like a hair clip?" I stopped listening to him when he was going on about how imporant coursework is, and how from now on, we should always have 100% attendince and never be late. I'm sorry but he was stopping us from doing coursework by talking about how imporant it was :)) He made the whole of our year about 15 minutes late for our first lesson. Also, I was thinking about Fight Club and how I didn't understand it. At all :) Then I decided I was gonna watch it tonight, but it last for like, two hours, and Six Feet Under is on in an hour and a half, so tehre isn't a point of starting watching it now.

    Talking about first lesson, it was wank. At the moment, we're doing our media coursework on the films Jaws. Over the past two lessons, we've been watching it on a DVD TV which is about the size of a matchbox. No overreacting. Seriously. Yesterday, we were watching the part were the little boy gets attacked by the shark, and I'd sat at the very back by Adele. So Miss starts the film, and everyone moves so they can all see it. The very first person in the row was Fred, who was blocking my view for the whole time. I couldn't be arsed moving to see it because there wouldn't be a point, so I was reading the thing about old people on the wall behind me. Miss saw me and mouthed, "Can't you see?" Yes, of course I could see. That would explain why I was looking at the fucking wall. Anyway, she got a box and put the tv on there, so Fred sat up. Which didn't help at all.

    Then today in English, we had to write up a side and a half of A4 paper. I only wrote the first side. That took up three pages in my book :|

    Second lesson was IT. When I went to log on, it froze. When I actually did log on to one machine, it wouldn't let me get to my user drive, so I had to go into IT1. I went in there, logged on, done my table and printed it all off. Lol, Miss had to draw a table for me because I didn't know what information had to be put in it, so she said to me, "Have you got a pen?" so I gave her one. Then she gave me the sheet back, and walked out with my pen. THIEF! :|

    Third was French. Which was wank.

    Fourth and fifth were History. Our first lesson of History was in the actual room, then we had to move into the "new" E6, which was Mrs. whateverhernameis's room. I never knew a GCSE History group could be so amused by throwing books across the class :S

    To sum today up, I'd say it was shit. But that's just what I think.

    I've got History homework to do, which wasn't explained properly. So I'm gonna write whatever's on the sheet. Lol, it was what me and Laura were doing in class, so it must be right. Or something.

    Anyway, I'm bored, so I'mma play some games on Yahoo.

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