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GiRl InTeRrUpTeD (loveable_xo) wrote,
@ 2004-01-09 23:35:00
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    [ this was edited because i said somethings i shouldn't have said.. i was tired wen i wrote it and cranky .. im sorry to the people that thought that i actually meaned these things ]

    can i just sya i hate the keyboard. i typed like almost a full page and it got delted AHH! anywayz from the begging.i just got home from the movies with the fam and dan. he is like a family soo yea .. woho!. today was an ok day. me and jeff bought the swirl ticket. yesh i can take some credit for it since i did pay 20 dollars. found out some stuff about hte upcoming ski trip. get to leave school early. awsome awsome. but i don't know anyone besides jeff on it. well there is mary brinsco. chels says she doesn't know anyone else so we are kinda on the same boat. so far im rooming with myself and hey im ok with that. there is another one in febuary and everyone i sgoing on t hat. and hopefully i will be able to too. kinda bummed right now though, i kinda wanted to hang out with my boyfriend but o well what are you going to do. i went to the varsity game tonite. it was ok. me and dan moved away from like colleen and alexa because they are just so loud. we were cool sitting all by ourself lol. they lost . . then went to the movies at 9:25 to seel Cheaper BY the Dozen. goood movie.. recommend seeing it. it was really sad at the end. * Tear , Tear * tomarrow me dan and nick get to go pant my house in derby. my dad is actually trusting us to pant a whole room. i already siad im going ot like play tick tac toe. me and dan both agree we should outline nick on the wall. lol its going ot be awsome. jeff was sopsoe to come and hang out with us for hte day but appernelty he has to do something with his mom. ( yea ) ii don't know i ve been feeling really werid lately. like i thought that i didn't have a true best friend to do anthing with. but you know i do.i have dan. been freinds longer then i can remember. and we do alot together. and w/o him i don;t know. anyways. i want to realllly see jeff this weekend but i doubt that it is going to happen. since sunday i have to go to bens to work on that damn science fair project again. this sucks so much. this time we have to take pictures and actually finish and rewrite the damn report. 10 fucking pages. if it rains im going to cry because not only is it like 3 degress outside add rain to that. not a very good mixture. i don't go with the coldness. no not a good mix. well apperntly jeff was on but i missed him by a good 10 mintues. just my luck right. obbsessive huh?. no i just care alot. im tryingggg to just have a normal life and not worry about realtionshiips because like i need friends to but its just hard sometimes you know. friends are like really werid sometimes especially girls. yesh i said girls. we can all be bitchy and moany at times. and its like ehh the only girl that i have actually been spending alot of time with would haev to be jamie. so now im back to hanging out with all boys out of school. i guess its alright .. i like being wiht htem anywayz. you can actually be yourself and there up for anyhting. ( the only thing that sucks is being the only girl and haveing them like beat up on you all the time,,, even tho we now i can kick there asses lol ) wheress my socks??? who has my socks??..shut up talls. thats bens name from now on. TALLS since he calls me SMALLS!. kinda matches right. well i really should be like in bed right now since i m going ot paint at like 8:30. my dad is like oging ot kick me out tho. because last time i panted they took it away from me because me and my sister were playing tick tac toe. they said that was wrong. wut do they know? huh? nothing. i hate parents i mean really they don';t know anything and they are saying that they are not going ot let me go to jeffs after the swirl or whatever. ha! thats what they think. they don't know anything. i wud love to see them drive up to white hills at like 4 in the morning. i dare them. plus i don't know if we are even going there. it be great if they had to drive to huntiginton tolike jamies id laugh my ass off. anywayz i just have to so much tosay. one of those entrys where you don't giev a fuck what people read. people are just falling apart these days you know. noone says hi anymore.. AHHH who cares. people sometimes fuckin suck.
    me and dan had one of our conversations yesterday.. fun right. i made him believe im pregnent. funny thing i told him i will name it after him. and i want to change my name or at least the spelling. my mom told me my name was sopsoe to be spelled Aemilie. i like that alot better then Emily. it has more character to it. i just wrote a hell of a lot. well i will go now. peace

    <3 Emily

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