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Loud Chris (loudchris) wrote,
@ 2004-03-10 01:23:00
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    Last Night
    My roommate scouts abandoned buildings and photographs them as part of his art. He found an old abandoned house that looked perfect for exploration. I went with him just in case there was squatters. Large spaces are fun to explore and the grossest thing you find is a pool of urine, or what we call a "love room" where crack heads have been fucking.

    From the outside the basement appeared to be flooded. I'd never explored a house before. I don't think I want to ever again. The first thing we had to do was test the floor. The house was like a giant rotting sponge. After making sure it would hold us up we slowly moved from room to room. Each room was completely different from the other.

    The first room had books, tapes, and pictures all over the floor. Personal items from the last permanent owner. The ceiling was in taters, the stove was rotted out, a fridge laid in the corner, and all sorts of bad smelling things lingered in the air. The papers in the room were dated from 5 years ago. It was very sad to see this persons life spread all over a rotting floor.

    The next room was filled with glass shards. When our flashlights shinned in the glass reflected onto the celling. While we did extended exposures of a wall (that had a sock nailed into it for no reason) the room was lit up by the glow of distant cars. That was the last "normal" room.

    The next room was nasty. It was filled with rat feces and some cloths left by a junkie. There were a couple of beer bottles on the ground, empty packs of smokes, used condoms, and a cardboard mat that was used as a bed.

    The hallway leading to the next bedroom was filled with cobwebs. Straight up Indiana Jones 3 style. And guess whose job it was to get through them? It wasn't scary at all, I don't mind spiders, until... I've always thought spiders, their webs, and nests were quite beautiful. Both in nature, and in a well lit, or spacious buildings. I have now learned that spiders are not always so becoming. My cohort whispered, "That's a big ass spider." I slowly looked up saw a nice 2 inch spider about 1 inch from my face. I moved to get our of it's way, and when I did the ceiling was illuminated. A ceiling full of what first looked like 5 inch wide white bone spiders from space. I almost shit my pants.

    After dealing with the jolt of adrenaline pumping through my veins I slowly examined the disheveled looking things. Turns out they were spider eggs. I could of found a body in that place and it wouldn't of scared me, but at this point I started to get really un-easy. I really didn't want to be in this shithole anymore.

    We had no idea what we were breathing in; Mold, asbestos, paint, rat poop, germs of all types.

    The adjoining room was missing most of the floor and had some children's shoes sit it. That was creepy. The bathroom was full of leaves and rust. There was a closet filled with foam mats.

    We had spent about 2 hours in the house thus far. Shooting extended exposures, and flashlight lit exposures of everything. We figured we would come back later to do more, but we had to try and check out the basement.

    The stairs into the basement were decrepit. It was very difficult to get down them. When I did I got my next big scare of the night. The basement served as a home to several underground bugs. I shinned my light up and realized I was surrounded by what I called as a child "Rollie Pollies." Again, I almost shit my pants. Then I laughed, because I used to love plying with those things as a kid, but when you're in a creepy rotting house in the middle of the night, they arn't so fun. It turned out the basement wasn't flooded, but everything was coated in water from the rain. We explored the two basement rooms.

    The second room was completely clean and empty. My roommate cruised to the back and started shooting the space. I moved to join him but stopped when my light lit up a spider web the size of a net. It was about 6 feet across and 5 feet hi. My friend just barely missed it when he walked by.

    The first room was the worst. Under the floor of the hallway there were more spider nests. We deiced to scurry by them quickly. They freaked us out to much to look at. In the end of the room was a large piece of cardboard. Several jars of vasoline were scattered about. And used condoms everywhere. It was hard not to puke. The cardboard was covered in a strange mold and above it was a concrete shelf. There was a square hole cut into the block of concrete about a foot wide and sick inches deep. It was filled with bright red water and a broken Christmas ornament. It was very strange.

    When we got home we changed before going into the apartment. Then had to Lysol everything. Take a shower before touching anything. I still feel like dirt.

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