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lostlynk (lostlynk) wrote,
@ 2004-05-29 00:29:00
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    Current mood: good

    Where have I been?
    Well if you’ve all been wondering where did I go and why have I not updated in such a long time. Well I guess my answer is that when schools in I ’m too lazy to update ;p I prefer to lay around and just sleep when I have time to instead of posting journals, but to make up for this I have a special treat for you all. Below is a rough sketch comic of what the most interesting thing I did so far for my summer break. ;p hehe please excuse me for the proportions and lack of faces and sloppiness it's just easier this way.

    If you cant see the comic copy and paste this link to your browser

    You should be able to tell from this comic I had a lot of fun fishing with Timmy. At first I was totally bored because I was just lacking something, but afterwards it was great time just flew by. I just wished we had more bait those little suckers die so fast. Also this rough sketch comic really makes me think that maybe just maybe I might start updating my journals more with sketches instead of writing ;p but it seems like more work and let’s face it I’m a lazy person even though I try not to, but I think I enjoy being lazy ahaha… also I’m thinking about getting a Xanga now too hehe everyone has one. Peer pressure finally seeping in after so very long hehehe…

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