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Kitti (lostinshadow) wrote,
@ 2003-09-30 06:51:00
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    Current mood: awake

    Quiz thing!
    Um, this is a quiz that got sent to me in an email so I'm just going to post it here.

    First best friend: i think her name was ashley or something
    First real memory of something: shit how am i supposed to remember that?
    First date: chris...
    First real kiss: none! ha ha i'm pathetic
    First Break-up: chris
    First Job: when i need money i go to my dad's resturant and hostess. :/
    First screen name: princesskitti22. lmao.
    First self purchased album: hmm...
    First funeral: I don't go to funerals. I'd probably laugh or some stupid shit and get kicked out. lol
    First pets: Eddie the ugly dog, I believe.
    First piercing/tattoo: i got my ears peirced when i was like 2 months old. ...i want to get a tattoo, that would rock.
    First credit card: i dont really like credit cards. interest sucks ass.
    First true love: no one! hahaha
    First enemy: way too many to count. :)
    First big trip: Florida i think
    First play/musical/performance: a feild trip for elementary school
    First musician you remember hearing in your house: van halen. :/ my dad's favorite.

    Last big car ride: to ohio and back (cedar point)
    Last kiss: nope. have to have a first before you have a last.
    Last good cry: not too long ago.
    Last library book checked out: Stephen King book from the school library. don't remember which one
    Last movie seen: ...uh...Austin Powers: Goldmember.
    Last beverage drank: water
    Last food consumed: toaster strudel
    Last crush: ...why the hell should i post that?
    Last phone call: my grandpa called to say hi. :/
    Last TV show watched: fear factor last night. i just watched 5 minutes of it then got up.
    Last time showered: this morning
    Last shoes worn: ugly tennis shoes. :D
    Last cd played: the new limp bizkit one to see if i wanted a copy or not.
    Last item bought: lunch yesterday
    Last annoyance: brother
    Last soda drank: two days ago i had a red pop, i think
    Last ice cream eaten: yesterday i ate a fudgecicle
    Last time scolded: last night. lol
    Last shirt worn: the one i'm wearing now is a grey sweater with red sleeves. UGLY.
    Last website visited: blurty, obviously.

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