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the blood in my veins (loserxlikexme) wrote,
@ 2003-10-04 16:47:00
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    Current mood:Sore Throat
    Current music:Thursday >> This Side of Brightness

    Day after Eve 6
    Well, lets start from the beginning....

    Got picked up by brandon and kim at like 6:20. Wore my old green corderoy hat it was mucho kool. When we got there it was really cold and there was a line. We kept giving kim indian burns while we waited. After like n hour in line I saw cait kennedy and olvia dupace so we let them hop in line with us. That was funnt cus me and brandon tucked our shirts in, put out hats on backwards and pulled our pants up really high. muwahah

    After about 20 minutes we got in, and the band didnt start till like 8:30, the first one was a guy with a guitar who was friends with eve 6 so they gave him pity play-time. He was ok though. After him a group came on called Plum Crazy. Their singer was a girl who was literally a blonde avril lavigne and all the other band members exepct the rythm guitar were balding fat guys. Besides that they were ok. Then Caulterize came on, they were from canada <3. They had a punk sound simlar to tbs. They were pretty good. Then after like 3 hours Eve 6 finally came on. They were awesome. The leadsinger was mad cool. During one of the songs some dude came up to me and brandon and was like "throw me up" but we couldnt here what he was saying. After like a minute i finally got it so we grabbed him and threw him into the crowd and he surfed. After it was over we had to wait for my mom so we just hung out inside for a bit. Thats about it, and tonight i have to go to the Colonie HomeComing dance, should be interesting. Im dressing up very suave ;-)

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