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naked&angry (loser_kid05) wrote,
@ 2005-05-08 22:37:00
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    1. Wisdom: If all the wisdom of any animal species other than the humans does not let them perceive more than a certain limited portion of the 'world', then presumably all our wisdom will never really permit us to completely perceive and understand the reality around us.

    2.Reaction: If one act is a result of the interaction of a large number of cells, neurons, etc., then why should not one act (besides or maybe including blowing the brain out) be able to influence (not necessarily reversibly) the functioning of a large number of entities at the receiving end.

    3.Challenge: The simplest challenge which reveals most about things we are in touch with is to know how we react (feel, think, etc.) to inputs.

    The tougher aspect is to judge how it all adds up and what we will become in Time.

    Worst is to not only to determine what we want to be but to be that - and make our surroundings as we want them to be!

    4. Time Travel: At any instant of time when we refer to certain coordinates we associate a location with it. Considering Time as the fourth dimension, and that things sort of exist all along - then Time Travel would amount to 'going to' (coming into the state of consciousness of) what is already there.

    Non destruction of entities is indirectly implied along with progression.
    Travel is displacement of 3D object in the 3D world. So a 4D displacement may require a 4D object.

    Logically believing that we do not 'know' all that exists (even of our own self) is not difficult as the same is amply exemplified by the 3 dimensional existence!

    So probably Free Will is only the ability to put in inputs which may change the consciousness & perception of the circumstances (at any particular moment), and/or maybe - we can affect the entire thing(s) all along the time.

    This fits in well with putting the past, the fragile present and the future together. Discontinuities are rare.

    Simply, like any three dimensional travel, the place exists, other people exist - and you can travel - but be only at one place at a time - using some rational means! So maybe you need a time (consciousness of it) machine which has the technology and the system/rules!

    Again a matter of your consciousness of yourself, and of you in other's 'thoughts' - isn't it? A 'sphere of influence' seems a a phrase that might describe this. A thing that somehow does not change in basic definition much either in the 3D or 4D existence model. Beginning and ending in 4D can only be extrapolated from 3D observations. A state of dimensionlessness.

    Further, as all creations/creatures travel differently and seem to have a system for it - then there may be entities (unknown to us) which similarly span the dimension(s) in their existence - differently!

    Finally, there must be a higher, and again a higher, and finally the highest dimension ?! Some dimensions maybe more changeable/fragile/volatile than others. Maybe thinking is all about spanning dimensions to and fro! AND consciousness is also complete only when you consider you in yourself, others in you, and yourself in others consciousness. (Grammatical inaccuracies seem to show/project logical inconsistencies).

    Then, perhaps that is why there is the likelihood of existence of something like a Turin's Machine - which permits non disturbing probings' results to predict a system's state in time......

    Why is that the certainty and accuracy seem to be contra indicated? Perhaps these are two different dimensions/planes - perhaps a matter of zooming in and zooming out!?

    5.Cancer & Herpes: Does what is given below mean that there is hope of using non fatal infections to determine the possibility of existence of susceptibility to a fatal disease like Cancer. Also, does the ability of the immune system to over come certain illnesses like Herpes improve the ability to avoid illnesses like Cancer. Is there likely to be a vaccination like procedure to make the body increasingly immune to the disfunctioning of the immune system at some stage. It is known that immunity levels can be changed and the immune system & its responses can be very very varied.

    "Herpes simplex (cold sores, fever blisters) and herpes zoster (shingles) are two epidermal viral infections that produce blisters within the epidermis. The severity of these infections is influenced by the state of the person's immune system; they are more severe in injured persons, in the elderly, and in debilitated patients, especially those with cancer of the lymphoid system. Herpes zoster (shingles) and varicella (chickenpox) are caused by the same virus, and patients with shingles have previously had chickenpox. The virus remains dormant in the sensory nerves and is later reactivated, either spontaneously or following the impairment of immune defense mechanisms. The virus, by translocating along the nerve branches, invades the epidermis; the distribution of the ensuing vesicular rash, which is painful, is confined to the cutaneous distribution of the same sensory nerve."

    6.Mind & Body: Mind's inputs are feelings (happiness & unhappiness - and their forms). Body could be seen as good health and ability to remain/become healthy (strength, resilience and reformative processes). Living is reflection in the body of the mind's perceptions. Body and it's senses are the channels for mind's perception. Therefore body is primarily playing a double role; one as an input channel and second as an output medium. The processing in between, the input and the output, is done by the 'brain' - which depends on information and patterns passed to it (a) genetically and (b) circumstantially. A person can be trained to relish the same bitter food.

    There are certain relatively permanent measures of unhappiness related to the body's existence characteristics. Below a certain level, 'pressure' helps in growth of it's strength - up till the level at which it feels it can overcome - and above which the body goes into a closing up of show act - leaving the body vulnerable and improperly defended. In all this the state of the mind becomes paramount in determining (i) physical strengths, (ii) ability to incorporate in processing patterns and finally (iii) record it in the genetic information base.

    Additionally, the intellect/brain has a sequential (making it logical as long as it is corroborated with existing patterns) mode of learning which can occur without any related gross physical perception. Perception is in a vague form somewhere out there in time and space. Somethings make crying (natural act of a child), curiosity (natural intellectual response to sensory inputs), and seeking (physical needs) into exalted anger, aggression, dominance, etc. Once formed these patterns/changes/habits are difficult to get rid of - so our social setup (we ourselves) gives us a race to run all our lives, and we run it either lovingly or grudgingly (or in complicated mixed proportion) - depending on our perception - of where we are in the race (which is the crux of the above transformation).

    To climb down this ladder of 'changes' - we have to go back to associations of actions and perceptions. Meaning; if we are in a sad mood and we associate overcoming sadness with liquor then we drink. Alternatively if we associate music with happiness then we could listen to music. A lot of people use the bodies permanent satiation association and eat. It would indeed be sad to use death - the unknown doorway - as an end to unhappiness, even if it seems to be the only way left. We must use simpler associations - including sleep to overcome a state of distress - which may be caused by different things to different people. Time automatically becomes a healer. The permanent climbing down from changes will ultimately depend on 'selecting' associations and restricting/disciplining perceptions/actions!

    Ultimately an infinite benign goal is needed for a very permanent redirection. It is not the goal but the habit and patterns it gives that are very useful and fruitful. So however far you may have been transformed (from the child you were) by the social setup - simply bringing up that goal can completely change the pattern without really changing the physical lifestyle 'much'. Simply wanting to be happy does not seem to be this goal, somehow. It has to be really BIG! Probably sway of religion (faith) is in being able to place some such goal! The discussion regarding what if we reach the 'goal' or whether it is reachable is beyond the scope of the present discussion!!

    One thing is for sure that continuous pain (or shall we say pleasure) is one circumstance which is used by 'certain people' to bring 'others' to a path where they think 'others' belong. Unfortunately it makes everyone like these 'certain people' in the end.

    In conclusion I would like to say that: (1) Stress somehow makes us weak in the mind and therefore that makes our body weak and more vulnerable to infections. So, doing activities which we associate with happiness and good times will help. (2) A conscious effort to use logic and suggestions to de-link unhappiness' association with certain activities - and thereby our reactions is a really great thing. (3) Just waiting makes our mind and body weak. If you cannot do what you wish to do then do something you can, and enjoy it - even for a short while. Do many such things! Prayer is one such thing you can always do even in your mind. (4) Give up everything without giving up the good things which make you happy and don't bring unhappiness - which comes later from some acts (pain begets pain)!

    7. Consciousness, Time & Life: Light takes a finite amount of time to travel from an 'object' to you. We are always seeing the past. Other's past is our present. Our present is other's future (other>our>other). Our clock is only right at our 'core' - when we get up from sleep (become conscious) we come back to our present, past and the future!

    Life has no meaning without consciousness (it being just that). Somehow time and consciousness are rather linked and one is required to qualify the other. As consciousness is rather changeable so it may be that time is non-linear. Time may well be a very non linear illusion/delusion to project (or of) consciousness. If life is the state of the three dimensional physical world on the time-consciousness axis then all creation must have a strong relation to a singular point of state of stationarity (it's home). Consciousness may well be all that is life. We know life changes with changes in perceptions of things within and around, and the pace of every life is different. Individuality may well be perturbations (or loci of the same) in the one consciousness. Each creation may be evolving on its own path of evolution and may be on a very different level than the other.

    It is rather inconceivable that the genetic (physical) evolution is separable from the evolution of the consciousness. The link and its kinematics may be rather obscure - if distinction is made. Boundaries and sub set - super set relationships can always suggest characteristics similar to quantum nature.

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