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Claire (loquacity) wrote,
@ 2002-12-14 03:24:00
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    Current mood: okay

    Today...I got a new haircut that I really like. She gave me a scalp massage with aromatherapy oils and I drank hot cider with cinnamon sticks. We talked about her cats and how I want a dog but I'm not ready for the commitment yet. She told me my hair was really soft and shiny, and I left her a big tip.
    I ate lunch at Texas French Bread. The man in front of me in line got the last New York Times from the machine, so I read the Shot in the Dark ads, looking for someone looking for the girl with the soft and shiny hair.
    The boy working the counter was cute and nice to me. He asked me how my day was, and I told him it was getting better.
    I walked over to the vintage clothing shop next door, where I was told that everything was 30% off. I almost bought a cheerleader outfit, but then I realized that football season was over. I bought old worn soft t-shirts that I can wear with jeans. One of them is a teeball t-shirt with the name 'BARBARA' written on back. I hope people think my name is Barbara when I wear it.
    I walked in the mall and looked at all the things I don't want or need. I did buy purple eyeshadow though. I put it on in my rearview mirror when I got back to my car and felt transformed into the girl who can pull off purple eyeshadow.
    I came home and found the boy I've been dating online. The one who never called me last night like he had promised to. He said he was sorry. I said I was too. And told him goodbye.
    I cried a little to my roommate and watched a movie, Ten Tiny Love Stories. It was okay...I forgot about everything for a while.
    I talked to my roommate about the restaurant that she works at. I've decided it is run by the Austin mafia. I'm not joking...the shady shit that goes on in that place. She received a 100 bucks from a guy who works there today, as a 'Christmas present'. She later found out it was probably money he had made off of drugs. She still kept it. The waiters there have to take off their aprons when they go to the bathroom so they won't be able to shoot up in the stalls. The girl who was caught doing it a few months ago still works there.
    Now I'm listening to Emiliana Torrini. I'm going to sleep for 10 hours tonight. Tomorrow will be a little better than today.

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