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Its me and the mooN© (loosingcontrol) wrote,
@ 2003-06-23 21:15:00
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    Current mood: giggly
    Current music:dashboard confessionals-hands down

    this is the last time that ill try to reach you...
    so today was an AWSOME day. i woke up today around 6 in the mornan' only joking, but yea i woke up at like 10:30 and called Miranda seeing if she wanted to do something, then i ended up talking to her on aol cos she didnt answer her phone, so when he mom finally got home which wasnt to much later we planned to go down to o-town by then it was like 11, and my dad was supposed to drive me, so i was like ok Miranda im leaving now, then i went outside to be liek dad lets go and he frikken left on me!!!! so he got home like half an hour later and drove me so i got to her house around like 12:30 and we left there and we walked around o town. hottttt gyuys honked at us, and i tripped twice god dammit in frount of a really hott guy to i was mad, some guy checked me out and i was like "RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW" only joking,,,,, then we saw Matt, and he drove us to Liquid Dreams, i got a sweet halter and sunglasses and Miranda got a wicked cute bathing suit that LOOKS GOOD ON HER (yes MIranda it does) and sunglasses to, and the HOTTEST PUNK GUY EVER and he almost walked into Miranda changing and i go "no someones in there" and he was liek "ahh sorry" man he was hot, then i liek talked to him for a few when Randa changed he was like EUGGG whew i wanted him and he was whew ok YEOW im over it now! so we saw Matt Littlefield too who was with a really hott guy that could pul off shaggy hair! yes ok then we waited for the trolly yes trolly and i changed my shirt in frount of a million passing cars but it was hott, then the trolly came and we walked around some more i tripped again, and we got dippin dots, then went to the cove after we went to some weird gucci knock off store that had hanis clothes hah it was great, and i stole a toe ring from the place that Shawn Spanhower works it was great Miranda went and pointed there Shawn and she didnt know it was realy him, guess what it was and we looked and he looked and we laughed hah good times. um then we went to the cove and being the piggys that we are we got candy tee hee :) um then we kinda just took the trolly back to o-town and walked back to her house where a really hot guy went bu and i tripped AGAIN! and some REALLY gay guys went by, whew, and by the way these liek gay motercyclis or however you spell it were in the cove like maing out umm eww! so when we got bakc to her house, we got her Huge car and drove to Hannaford where we walked around for forever seeing who was working and debating on wither we should by sparkling cider cos we are badass. so then we went to mcdonalds and got fries and this weird guy that just graduated screwed up our order so we didnt really eats the fries cos we were so full, then we met Matt and went back to Hannaford and saw people and then left and here i am at home today was awsome, tomorrow i am proly going to Traks party so seee ya there!!!


    p.s i guess Kathy is trying to hook me up with Wilber! hah Laura we are going to be related!!

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