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Its me and the mooN© (loosingcontrol) wrote,
@ 2003-07-14 22:42:00
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    Current mood: cold
    Current music:taking back sunday-great romance

    that truck is so fucking close to me, omg his voice,its so low...
    a beautiful girl can make you dizzy like youve been drinking jack and coke all mornin,she can make you feel high, for the single greatest commety known to man, promise,promise a better day,promise of a greater hope, promise of a new tomorrow, this particular oar, can be found in a gate of a beautiful girl, in her smile, in her soul,and the way she makes every little rotten thing in life seem ok.

    so after a tiring day at work i went and hung around at home, then Viki picked me up and we went and hung out in Portland,at the mall i went to buy some mints and i was getting out change and this guy just put a five dollar bill on the counter and the man at the register was like you are all set and im like i havent even payed yet, and hes like, tis ok he did for you and the guy was already out the door, it was soo sweet i got the change and everything! the man at the register was like, you were totally oblivious to those guys checking you out for like ever! hah! well that was fun, then we really wanted french onion soup and there wasnt any at appebees so we got cheesecake yum, ok well then my mother made me come home at 10 and here i am, bored as ever, i got a new neclace and shirt and mints with happy bunny on them and umm a clip and yummy lotion and im happy yay! ok well thats it please leave a message make me happy,

    if you want to do something tomorrow call me! 646 6369 please!!


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