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Its me and the mooN© (loosingcontrol) wrote,
@ 2003-07-13 20:19:00
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    Current mood: sick
    Current music:thursday-jet black new year

    and i was like WOAH!!
    so this weekend was defanetly a blast i woke up early friday morning and left for the six hour ride wheww, well achually it wasnt too bad, we arrivede at out hotel at around 1:30, my dad drove to the wrong hotel so we were sitting in some strang hotel's parking lot for half hour while my dad took most of the time trying to figure out how to use the cell phone to call the right hotel! oh man dad get with the program like duh! so yes, after that we chilled out at the hotel,i swam for a bit then we went and visited the grandparents on my moms side, then we went out to dinner at some chesy resturant, but it was just nice seeing the family. after that excursion, my dad and i went to this hugemall where i got a bunch of clothes,i couldnt go all out like i wanted to cos it was daddy's money and im not into the whole taking money scene. so yes then we hit the hay and went to bed. next day,went to grandparents house oh wow i dont really like them but their house rocks and my aunts rule, my dad, grandpa and I went to this huge outside mall thiny and i got some niice clothes there, then we went back to their house dadada, back to the hotel changed, dadada,wenty out to dinner cos it was Gram's birthday (BTW mines in 22 days, please get me something) that was a lot of fun grandpa got really drunk and oh man he is funny when he is drunk! well thats that, when we got back to the hotel i decided to go swimming, but the 5foot deep pool was FILLED with guys and my mom was like NOOOOOO but when she left i carried on a nice conversation with this guy named Kyle, whew he was hott..

    i feel so sick:'(

    ok so i got this survey please take it and be honest, its always nice to know wot i do wrong,

    umm, i also have a thing on face the jury if you would like to see its, come on folks get my rating up :)

    and the truth is if you slit my throat with my last gasping breath i would apolgize for bleeding on your shirt

    oh i love you all

    to Chris for my journal looking so cool

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