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Choaking on Nothing (lonmyownl) wrote,
@ 2003-12-17 15:39:00
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    Current mood: accomplished
    Current music:The strokes- 12:51

    Negleted. Im sorry.
    God, ive been so neglectant of you. Im soorrry. And Im sorry to all my journal addicts. Ill be buying you some more needles soon, promise.

    So, what do I have to talk about.

    Last friday, I cancelled work and went to the Rockingham Mall with Heather and her friend Dan. Holy christ on a tulip. This kid was histerical. I got there and smoked a cigarette outside, and the cool shits waited for me to finish. WOOO. so anyhoo... The boy, who Katie Mckendry is now seeing *ahem, die*, is wearing this jean vest with shag all over it. Heathers looking like a teenage Brody and Im just there like, wow, this is going to be interesting. Never have I had so much fun at the mall. One of the first things we do, Is go to Hot Topic and buy beeswax to put his hair into a hawk. Soo, Heather and I split the cash and head out. Now, here comes the funny part. The malls all crowded and shit becuase of christmas. And there I am, putting the kids hair in a hawk. You have no idea how much wax I used to put it up. Apparantly, he still hasnt gotten it out. Anyhow. Were walking around the mall and all the sudden, Heather goes... Hey, Go into Limited Too and ask for a job! Dont put it past the kid. He did it. And did it well. Walked right up to the counter and acted serious while Heather and I are cracking up like two ten year old girls. The woman laughed at him. Communist Bitch. So, once we realized how fun this could be, it was off to Victorias Secret. They gave him an app, and he was like " This is just the job I've been looking for". This was way too amusing to stop. We went to Abercrombie. You all know how ABC or whatever is having that lawsuit against them for discrimination? Well, have you ever seen a punk or a black person working there? Yeah. So he walkes in, strutting like a gay man. He fucking HITS on the guy at the counter. Wouldnt give him a job. Funny shit.

    Then, It was Saturday.

    Holly came up from Peabody and we went to the mall for about .2 seconds. There was absolutely NOTHING to do or go, so I called up Jorji and she's like come up here. ROAD TRIP! Hell yes. This was amusing. Ive decided that Holly and I are very Book smart, but when it comes to ANYTHING else... we have down syndrome.

    So we pulled out, and got on the wrong highway. Then, we tried to find a Dunkin Donuts and got lost. Then, we finally got on the right highway.... but took the wrong exit. Thank bloody hell for cell phones. I called Jorji about 904238423787 times. We got up to Hampton at about 8.

    I decide to make it easy and just go to her house to pick her up. NOOOO, not that easy. Apparantly, Hampton has all these one way streets, that turn into the OTHER way once you get so far. Riight. You would've gotten lost too, so shaddup. *slaps...wench*. :) We decide to just meet her at this bar. So she comes out and we go to Burger King. Now, Jorji is about the only girl I know that has enough money to either shove up her ass, burn as firewood, spend on drugs, or use a 50 dollar bill at a fast food joint. She bought the food. We didnt even have to make her. Awe. Holly is drawing on this little Burget King menu, trying to figure out the Cat in the Hat trivia, while Jorji and myself are throwing fries at her head. It was funny. I got hit in the eye a couple times.

    Holly wants to go build a sandcastle in December. Alright! Drove to the freezing cold beach. The sand wasnt even really sand. It might as well have been concrete, becuase it was frozen. Holly gleefully runs to the low tide water and starts using her Burger King cup and crown to make a moat. Thats about as far as she got. Then, she ran into the water. INTO the fucking -999 degree water. Takes her shoes off and everything. Freezing cold, we go back to Jorjis house and watch Crossroads. I didnt really pay attention, becuase Holls kept asking for Ice cream, and when Jorji pulled out Ben and Jerrys she got a little wet in the pants. Eventually, I fell asleep on Jorji and probably drooled. HAH, thats okay though, because Im still cool. Believe it. *nods*

    We got home fine.

    Today, the funniest thing. We dissected a pig heart. It was huge, like a brain or something. Johnny fingered its aorta. *pictures Johnny with a little high voice* "You look like a virgin, well I can change that" *ram ram*. Omg, histerical. He then proceeds to cut it in half and make it talk, and to carve eyes and a nose into the top half. Hes like: It looks like a spirrrm, *swimmy swimmy* all around the pan. HAH. Omg. I have to go, Im neglecting my AIMs too.

    OH and good job to everyone at the meet last night. 1st one ever. whew. :)


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