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Choaking on Nothing (lonmyownl) wrote,
@ 2003-11-22 11:38:00
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    Current mood: discontent
    Current music:Soundgarden- Black Hole Sun

    the weekly update
    God, Im neglecting you arent I? Im sorry!

    Okay so what happened this week? Monday sucked, as usual. Nothing special. I had play practice from 3 - 9 30 at night, like every other night of the week.

    On tuesday, We had a fieldtrip to just outside Cambridge. They took us to see Macbeth in play form. I love the theater, even if its not the best show in the world...But these guys, holy shit. Even Mr. Moore (avid Shakespearean anal giver) fell asleep in the middle of the "fight scene". If you can call it that. It was ok, I fell asleep on Katie McKendry's arm a couple times while she was scratching mine. That puts me to sleep so hard. *hopes she didnt drool*.

    On the bus, I gave Mike a cigarette and a lighter (you never gave me back the lighter, vaginal nose dive), and he was gonna be all bad ass and smoke a butt out the window. He didnt, becuase he wanted me to share it with him? mm. I sat next to Erika for most of the ride home. I never really had a good conversation with her before, like heartfelt and shit *thinks about convo* eh... well, kinda heartfelt? -chuckle-. No, shes mad chill, though, good times.

    On Wednesday, we had a full dress rehearsal. Went well. I think that was the day that I went to the lake with Nadia and Jax. I sat on the bench, and ate two muffins in combination with 7 cigarettes. ...while they ran 4 miles. It was freezing. I did buy the best hot chocolate ever. It was flavored raspberry.

    Katie McKendry got her Liscence along with Heather.

    Thursday was opening night of Fame. It went well, for everyone else but me. I fucking stuttered and as I look down at the audience for the first time... who is sitting there? take a fucking guess. S. thats all I have to say. I got backstage and laughed my ass off at how fucking stupid I am. Allison slept over my house that night. We didnt do SHIT, because my mom was being a crackwhore. But its okay... yesterday was fun! My dad let me drive his car and Allison and I were both allowed to smoke in the car with him. Gah! what a cool padre. Makes up for that bitch of a mother I have. Then, my mom redeemed herself for the time being. She gave us the keys to her car and told us that we could drive that. AND oh, yes, wait theres an and... she gave me her ATM card and pin number. Sooo... we went to the mall and bought some stuff. I bought the cutest red shirt ever. *dreams about it*.

    Then.. later on last night, my mother and I get into this huge fight... all becuase I fucking cut my arm! WTF! Its none of her buisiness what I do to myself. She told me that I was a mistake and that she wished she never had me, she never even told me good job for the play... it was my uncle that bought me those flowers opening night. And she told me it was her. *sigh*. So, I get out of the car swearing to myself that I hated her for everything she puts me through all the time. Then, then! she comes outside of the car, and brings meaghan flowers she bought to give to me. GAWD! what the shit! She later tells me that she just did that so that Meaghan wouldnt hate her.

    Whatever. Its okay, I guess. Heather and Natalie came to the show last night. I saw Heather after and gave her big hug. When I came home I fell right asleep. This weekend has been a complete failure. Nothing at all has been done. NOTHING

    Lyrics to one of the best songs ever-

    I dedicate this song
    To the boys who dont belong
    To the girls who get it wrong
    Im dedicating this
    To the ones who dont fit in
    Are you hearing this? Are you hearing this?

    Unwanted, Unneeded, You've always been mistreated
    Hang on
    Unwanted, and been for so long
    Said "Hey mom, Im never coming home again"

    I dedicate this song
    To my boys who are strong
    And just dont get along
    Im dedicating this
    To the girls who dont exist
    Oh, Now, hear this.


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