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Frank (loner83184) wrote,
@ 2004-11-24 21:53:00
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    Current mood:thankful

    Dinner Reservations!?
    Holy shit... This is going to be great...

    But before I get to why I'm labeling this entry "Dinner Reservations!?", let's sum up my day first. Yea. THEN we get to the exciting part.

    School was good. We were in the lab all day, working with our 1.9L's... JC and I got our crank out finally. We have to measure it for wear and all that good stuff. We also have to measure our block for warpage, too, before we can go any further. But today, him and I timed a 302 using the distributor and and timing light. THAT was interesting... But I'm glad that I have tomorrow off for Thanksgiving. I need the time off.

    I'm looking forward to the dinner at Momma's house tomorrow. Then after that I'm going over the Mahaffey house to visit them. My two families... It's going to be great.

    Ok, now the the part about dinner reservations. I decided to do something off the wall for Jessica. We are going out to dinner and a movie Saturday, but... As far as the dinner goes, I wanted to go somewhere diffrent. Somewhere... that will leave a lasting impression. Angela here at the hotel suggested that Jess and I go to this place out in Mayfield Heights called Buca Di Beppos. It's supposed to be a really snazzy, romantic, italian place. What do you all think? Check out!!!!!!

    I'm so fuckin' pumped about this.

    Shit, gtg, gettin' busy. HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE!!!

    Shout out to Mikey! Jamie! Jeff! Justine! Brian! Bruce! Joy-- err.... Stephine! Brianna! Niko! Aletha! Erica! All my Stark State Chicas! Momma! All my Hotel Hotties! Valvoline Grease Monkeys! And shout out to Jessica!! THANK YOU ALL for being apart of my life...

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