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sometimes lonely hearts, they just get lonelier (lonelywind) wrote,
@ 2004-05-10 21:52:00
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    Current mood: chipper
    Current music:11 A.M .:] Incubus [:.

    It's so simple and complicated. The way you can crush me.
    ...i think about your face and how i fall into your eyes, the outline that i trace around the one that i call mine...

    shop was ok. The morning was fucking funny. Sat w/ Kristen,Sam and Ashley. Funnay girls. I dunno if I'm gonna sit there like I did today cause I felt like I was bothering them.Kristen started doing the N'sync "Bye Bye Bye" Dance. God it was great. Then she popped a lugi inside Kristies drink, she still doesn't know and she drank it ALL. Break was ok.Felt like a druggie acuse I passed out almost all my "happy pills" to girls. Then dumbass Shayna gave one to Mike and he drank it. I hope he's ok. Watch him tommorrow come to skool with boobs on his shoulders. Ashley and Ed kept put "Ritz" crackers in my purse. I found more on my way home lol Lunch was okie... But after that everything went down hill. Ashley came in crying and so did Kristen. I hope everything with Ashley is O.k. I'm not sure whats happening with Kristen but I hope it gets better. I hated seeing them cry. It was sad. Then we noticed shayna left to the bathroom AGAIN because it was the time of the month for her.
    "She has the time of the week everyweek!!!"
    Me:" She needs a HUGE tampon

    Mr.D Got that weird gross look on his face and we all started laughing.
    Sam went through Kristies bag and found CONDOMS!!!! Mr D was like WTF?! That was great.
    Got madd toward the end of the day cause Shayna. She says she wants Billy but she gave Jon (from graphics) a hickey a few days before plus she was checking out Diego. I'm sorry but if you like someone then you shouldn't start giving out hickies. THATS BULLSHIT

    Me: You better not play Billy
    Her: I wouldn't, why would I? I've never cheated on a guy
    Me: Bullshit, you told me and Adri that you cheated on Alex
    Her: thats different
    Me: I don't care. You better not cause you'll be in alot of shit. He doesn't deserve it
    " Jen don't worry, It'll pass by. You have a very big advantage USE IT"

    I'm not sure what the hell I'm gonna do but it'll be good and unsuspected...

    At the end of the day I got stared at byt Mike, Ed, and Shane. God I ahted it. They were like wicked close to me breathing on me!!!!

    you're the hair on my head.
    the body absent from my bed.
    the feeling that won't die.
    the tear in my eye..

    Ah, I'm so dumb!!! Again he was gonna fucking hugg me but no I BACKED off AGAIN!! What the fuck is wrong with me?!?

    "So werd on da street is dat You and Nadel got something going on"
    " I gotta hunch he like you"
    " He likes lots of girls"
    "Man, guys gotta lyk gurls"


    I hate it when ppl say Nigga. Espically when there white. or when they try to be GangSta.( I have nothing against people that are white) You looks stupid doing it so just shut the fuck up!!!!!

    Pisces (February 19 - March 20) It's the end of the line for a way of thinking. What worked well for you in the past may have outlived its useful life. Don't try to hold on to concepts that only bring you painful memories. Let the thoughts come into consciousness and then let them pass on. You may have to conjure up some of that famous Piscean compassion to be able to forgive others for what they inadvertently did to you.

    Me and Sam got a word in for Jess for Electronics

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