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Natasha (lonelypepper) wrote,
@ 2004-02-18 22:08:00
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    Current mood: sick
    Current music:"Loser" Beck

    Snot is not fun
    The Four-day weekend was bunches of fun for the most part, well at least for the first days. Friday, I just hung out with Allen all night long. It was cool; we went down to San Diego and just walked around getting to know each other.

    Saturday, I went down to Hillcrest with Melissa and Allen. The two of us girlsies got our nails done while Allen went back to his car to go have fun with his ganja. Afterwards we stopped by Melissa’s house then Cathedral. The Cathedral part wasn’t as fun as it was last time, but oh well. Allen and me left early and we hung out at my house for a little bit.

    Sunday, I woke up with a little sore throat but not too bad. It was Preston’s birthday and I had a little present I was going to wrap for him but he came over too early with Julie and Andrew. Julie and Andrew dropped me off at Barns n Noble where I met Kate, Kayle, and Paulette for the rave. I wasn’t too decked out. I just wore my dickies dress/shirt with my corduroy bell-bottom pants. We all hopped in the car with a Matt I didn’t know yet but turned out to be a cool guy. On the way to Hollywood, we stopped by a Jack in the Box over in San Clemente where my wallet got stolen. Now this part really sucked because I didn’t realize it until we get to Tani’s house in LA so it was a little a too late to drive back but even if we did drive back it would have been too late. I’m pretty sure it was stolen because when I was at Jack in the Box, it was very very crowded and I forgot to zip up my purse right when I put my wallet back in my purse and then as I was putting soda into my cup, I feel a guy push up against me. Coincidence? I highly doubt it. So I was really bummed out about that considering I had about $150-$200 in there along with all my ID cards and a few gift cards now that I think of it. But I was not going to let this all get to me while I’m at the rave.

    When we get to the rave, the gate says 18+ ID needed. I was just about to shit myself by this moment. But we finally got in after I gave them my whole spiel on losing my wallet and I was really 18 along with Matt showing that it was supposed to be an all ages venue, so it was all good in the end. As we got inside, it was great. I had fun and I danced all night long. I was a little irritated when I couldn’t buy any water, so I had to drink out of other people’s water, which I really hate to do, but I had no choice.

    Monday & Tuesday: has royally sucked. Monday I woke up at 5:oo PM and terribly sick. Tuesday was even worse. Today, it was really bad, I didn’t even go to school so I went to the doctors and apparently I have strip throat, but I’ve got meds to heal me. I hope tomorrow will be a little better.

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