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Natasha (lonelypepper) wrote,
@ 2004-02-09 14:35:00
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    Current mood: happy
    Current music:Yeah Yeah Yeahs "Maps"


    Gaa, it is once again, the horrendous Monday. My weekend was great. Friday, I was with Julie, Andrew, and Preston as usual (I’m such a surprise!). We played Monopoly while Preston mozzied around in my bed. Preston’s still being a little weird around me. He’s being nice with me now which is good but he’s still in that whole “I Love You and I’ll never let go of you” kind of stage which can be quite frustrating at times, because I still love him and I still think about so it makes it much harder to get over him but I’m doing it. And I’ve got other friends to get over him. My mom’s happy with me that I have a broader spectrum of friends.

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    Saturday was my first band practice with Michelle and Lauren. That was pretty cool aside from the fact that I’m no longer that amazing at the guitar since I stopped for about a year. But I’m glad that I’m in this right now because it gives me motivation to practice the guitar once again.


    After our short little practice, Allen and Melissa picked me up to go down over to Hillcrest. The whole time with them was bunches of fun. We went to this party (Eric’s girlfriend’s party) and had a marry old time. The whole night I just sat down on the couch with Allen blabbering away as Melissa was getting down and dirty with another Navy boy, yeah what are the odds? I gave Allen my phone number so he’s supposed to call me sometime this week. On Tuesday, I’ll be with Melissa and Matt to get tickets for Project Love Groove, yay! And now I’ll have somebody to stay sober with and still have a grand old time.

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