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Ren (locustrein) wrote,
@ 2003-06-09 21:28:00
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    Current mood: happy
    Current music:MxPx "Study Humans"

    New Age Hippies
    I wish I could be one of those new age hippies, you know the kind that shower, "hygenic hippies" as I think of it. I mean it would be great to be a hippie they have the cool stoner music and they give their kids cool stoner names and they're stoners. Only bad thing is that they don't shower but I mean if I could be a hippie that showered I'd be just chipper, the only other thing though is they dont eat cheeseburgers and well I'll be completely honest, I like those cheeseburgers (sorry Bessy).

    The other thing about hippies is they have great dances I mean all you really have to do is stumble around a little bit and wave your arms about and WHAPPA you're dancin like a hippie! With me little-to-none coordination I could completely pull off the hippie dance. The other thing about hippies is that they have cool vehicles. Usually something along the lines between a cross of the Mystery Machine and the Partridge Bus, I think since those were both like 70s things they're not very fuel efficient but HEY they look pretty cool.

    Reguardless of it all, the cool music, names, dances, and vehicles... when it comes down to it, I just wouldn't be a good hippie, I'm sure carrots have a conciousness... but I'm not really sure I care... I guess you could call me heartless.

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