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Aphrodite (lmmcherries) wrote,
@ 2005-05-17 23:17:00
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    late nights
    I am like a little kid when it comes to sleeping. For some reason or another I fight it. I can barely be able to hold my eyes open and I will find something else that I need to do. For instance, tonight I took two Tylenol PMs with the hopes of going to sleep early, but now I am watching reruns of 'Sex and the City' OnDemand and typing on the computer. My husband is in the other room...upset with me because I am with I think he is playing the same "I'm not Sleepy" game that I am. We really aren't mad at each other, just a misunderstanding I guess. Does it really matter? I had a good, long day at work. No rehearsal today, not till Thursday and Friday. I am in a local theatre show called "Dearly Departed" and very excited about it. I am the youngest person in the show, so I feel a little off at times, but I think things will go better once we get further into the show. I'm not used to being there so seldom (only on in ACT 2) so I don't get to bond with the cast as much as others. It's a very fun part. Another trailer part....I just finished a show called "Trailer Trash VS The Monster of Booger Creek." A couple of my friends wrote the scripts, it is the third installment and very funny. So, if ever one day you see it on Broadway, please go and see it. You will thank me! I'm sure you can tell from my writing that I love punctuation, especially commas. I have another long day ahead of me tomorrow, so I guess I should say 'Goodnight to all'.

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