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Ellie (llmayhemll) wrote,
@ 2003-12-27 22:44:00
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    Current mood: thankful
    Current music:"Grace of God"- Keith Urban

    Great Xmas
    Well Xmas was off the hook....I got everything I wanted and more....My coach purse...muchas 7 in travel dvd player...lotsa bebe, arden b and savvy stuff, new dragon ski goggles, uggs, leather biker jacket, umm and more...Andy got me an Arc ' Teryx wind stopper coat which was pretty darn pricey but now I wont freeze in the mts. and it will be nice when I go climb up to Camp Muir on Ranier this summer...So for the big day..the fam plus Andy's fam went to Uncle frank's party at the Lynwood Embassy Suites like last year...there were about 200 people...and Andy got to meet the Mob side of the fam...He loved em..esp. January , Maria, Aunt Francis and big Uncle Frank...hhaa...and his parents & Scotty enjoyed it...His dad even remembered seein Frank in the papers back in the day...I wonder it was interesting....but fun..January and I planned trips to Montana and San Fran...haha...& her and Maria, Victor and Billy are all going to go to Camp Muir with us this yeah Xmas was alot of fun....good times definately...Its pretty much the best one ive had since I was little....and my honey made it so much brighter,...Oh yeah also cool my 'rents and I today went and looked at condos @ Hyak and found one we might be buying....very Im excited!!!!! Well Im back to helping Andy sit up his expensive mountaineering tent Im afraid I will break..ahhhh...peAce

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