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Elisabeth (lizzib) wrote,
@ 2003-04-15 14:53:00
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    Home for easter
    Hey Hey Hey,

    I'm home for easter, and feeling on top of the world!
    It's great to be home, and just hanging out with Jenny - I've missed my sisters up at University.
    Course, now I'm just missing Chris more... not that I think he's thinking of me, which is typical! We ended up fighting yesterday, cos I told him about me modelling and he took the piss, which admittedly wasn't very nice. Anyways, we made up, as per usual... definitely love and hate relationship... I wish we could sometimes just find a happy medium, but friends doesn't work - we've tried that one already.
    It's amusing, cos Scorpio and Gemini are supposed to be the worst connection in the zodiac, but there's just something about Chris to me, and me to Chris that means we keep coming back for more, no matter how nasty things get. Last time we broke up in February, we threatened each other with legal action and publically humiliated each other in front of friends. I think I'm pushing things now, cos I'm going to not end up with much support from my friends if things turn nasty again... If I can just hold out 5 weeks until he's graduated, then see where things go from there! It'll be odd not having him around, that's for sure!

    Anyways... Leigh saw my new icon - it doesn't work as well as the photo, and I had wanted to use the one of LandGunited!! Oh well, that looked waaay to odd small! I miss my boys! I thought I saw Mark yesterday but then again, I always think I'm hoping to much to see him... It wasn't... :(

    Can't write any more.

    Love Lizzi xxxx

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