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Elisabeth (lizzib) wrote,
@ 2003-04-12 21:05:00
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    A new day...
    So, it's taken me a while to update, because my life's been so busy and full of shit that I haven't had a chance to write it all up.
    I think it's sad that so much of what's gone on, I don't feel I can share, even to the people on here, just because writing them down is like admitting they're real, and I'm currently happy living in the land of denial at the moment.

    To sum up though, Will's a no-go, just cos I got bored chasing him, and when he didn't even look twice at me dressed as princess leia, I decided that enough was enough and that I shouldn't bother.
    Things with Chris, however, took a huge leap yesterday night. We didn't talk all night, then 2 minutes before the club shut he apologises for the way he's been treating me recently, and well, to cut a long story short, I left his house at 2pm this afternoon... So that was a good night out!
    One of my 2 best friends from last year collapsed on Tuesday night, with a virus in her brain. She seems to be okay at the moment, but it was touch and go as to whether we'd lose her or not earlier, and we've had to write her character out of the drama script, because she's not likely to be back in time.

    That leaves me with a whole load of extra work to do without starting to think about the time spent worrying about her.

    I'm currently NOT in the library - shock of all shocks. I'm at Mark and Elayne's house warming party with my closer group of canoe club pals, which is cool. They're currently drinking, being merry and eating pizza, so Im writing on here. It's nice to use a proper computer for a change.
    I'm on easter holidays now, so I'll be going home for a week as of monday, after my driving lesson. I've got my driving test on the 25th, so all things considered, if I pass that I could be getting a car pretty darn soon, so I can go and visit my more distant friends, and get away from things here for a little while, which would probably do me the world of good - I may even think about taking Chris, cos he sounds like he could do with getting away for a while aswell.

    I'm going to have a professional photo shoot next Thursday - in a convertible - It's for the front cover of one of Peter's car magazines, so if anyone's interested in getting a signed copy, let me know! lol. My reaction when I was asked if I want to be on the front cover, was, "do I get to keep the convertible" The answer was no, but at the end of the day, I wouldn't be able to put a roof rack on a soft-top, and I do need somewhere to put the canoes.

    Anyways, I'm being kicked off now - LMAO.
    catch up with you laters
    love Lizzi xxxx

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