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The Lizard king (lizrrdking) wrote,
@ 2003-06-29 15:12:00
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    Current mood: crappy
    Current music:Cradle Of Filth Her Ghost In The Fog

    Fuck it just doesn't stop and it never will. Today is just the same shit will at least it started out good. Ashley's my girl friend I think that's the only good thing I'm going to get out of this month because every thing else just really sucks. I cant go to my friends house because my parents love making plans and shit with out me this is the second week in a row I blow him off and that just sucks. Fuck is it just me or an my a crappy friend every week its the same shit. I really should do something to make it up to all my friends that I blow off for some reason every week. I just hope they don't take it as if I don't care about them because really do and that's the last thing I would need at this point in my fucking life. Fuck Just fuck Fuck Fuck!!!!!!!!!!!! I have a lot of anger I need to get of and just let it all just flow out. Fucking Fuck's not letting me be with my friends they who fucking think there so fucking big well U know what fuck you and you and fuck that guy behind you.This world sucks and I should just take of my pants and run around screaming FUCKKKKKKK don't make a drinking came out of this and take shots every time I say fuck. Laterz

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