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Nickolaus Pacione (nickolaus) wrote in littlexitaly,
@ 2010-09-11 02:11:00
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    hello and greetings

    I want to join on here because I felt like I was all alone on here in my heritage being an Italian American -- I am a horror/science fiction writer and publisher from the Midwest. I grew up most of my life in and around the Chicago area. I was looking for a place to get my family congregating for their family reunion and stomping grounds to do so. those of you who think this place is a cemetery, you're invited to come check out my official website, Writings From The Grave. I am trying to get some of my cousins blogs here and on -- I am looking for the Italian-Ameican Ning network because I have a novel idea for my 14th Issue of the magazine I helm. I am looking for authors who are distinctly Italian-American and write horror fiction.
         I don't do the the same blog post twice when it comes to places like blurty and posting on communities as such. You will learn more about my cousins as they start posting -- I will do what I can to make this place take off again because it feels like a damned cemetery. I do have a message board, well I have a few of those. I have a few blogs and have a profile on and The artwork on the back of my blog here and on my message board at is done by Dali. I am 75% Italian and 25% Swedish. So that gives me a little bit of an exotic appearance. I will do what I can here but I am not going to get carried away. To introduce myself better it's best to take a look at the things I write in the territory of horror fiction or science fiction. I will link the story up called The Statue because that one shows my photography as well as my writing.
         I am Italian but I am not exactly those that one would see on Jersey Shore -- as much as I get a kick out of watching that show because I like to make fun of them in the reality television craze since that was how I got published for the first time in print. I am the author of four books so far, two of them being short story collections, one being a novella, and the full length being my memoir -- one of the four is available in print on If you want more detail about that drop me an e-mail at with the subject line, "your books" in it and I will give all the information on all of them and where they can be picked up at.
         I've been with for quite some time -- in fact they have me as an early adopter. Sort of like the lamejournal counterparts but I think Blurty is a little cooler in the layout and it's easier to navigate. I have blogs outside of but I use the blurty for my imprint and providing information for other writers to get published. I publish horror and modern day science fiction predominately -- don't make a lot of money doing it but I am doing what I love. I am sure some of you reading this might give me a little bit of crap because my posts are long, well my occupation: writer. The message board that I have linked with The Statue is called The House That Nick Built and this story is part of my second collection which as the banner linked to it.
         In closing, that would be me in a nutshell. If you're looking for a graphic to be created for your avatar, I can do it without any problem. It will just take me a bit to work on it. I am sure I can get it done within a few days whoever the maintainer is.

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