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One Last Post (littlesheep) wrote,
@ 2005-06-08 16:31:00
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    Current mood:burnt

    6 Flags, Yo
    I went for the first time in forever. It was me my brother and a brother of this girl I like. He was torture, Road the first 2 rides.. which were good mind you, but after that he didn’t want to ride anything.

    I Road for the first time The Boss, which was amazingly smooth. I loved it. And for the second time, Mister Freeze, I am surprised that is as good as it is.. my favorite part is going backwards through the upside down U-turn. After that we hit a few more rides.. Batman, X-caliber, The Screamin Eagle... I think that’s it.. we messed around in an arcade for awhile, then hit Thunder River... I went with my cursed brother... He ALWAYS gets soaked.. even when you think you are going to get off fine... BLAM the boat turns all the way around and we get the friggin wave. Got almost every wave square on our side ...that and 4 jets hit us perfect, and the waterfall. I don’t think I have been that unlucky on that ride ever.

    Was a good day, ended up buying my brothers and my season passes. I grabbed $160 from my last 2 day paycheck*$334 total* and got left with four dollars. mmmm Caramel Funnel Cake *yum yum.* My brother ended up getting a phone call at some point in the day and we had to leave kinda early, but we were ridded out early.. we really didn’t wait in a line for anything more then 5 minutes proving that going in the middle of the week is the best time to go to a theme park.

    The only bad note is the sun.. 97 degrees today on something I read... crazy.. picked the hottest day to go.. but the boobie mezz ... oh the boobie mezz *drools from being mesmerized just thinking about it*

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