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Little Leah (littleleah125) wrote,
@ 2005-01-06 01:13:00
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    Current mood: sleepy

    mario kart rules
    so tonight, crosswalk was really cool. we did a community meal, with just discussion in round tables. no worship, no speaking. just fellowship. and real discussion.... it was nice
    i think we're going to do it the first week every month this year.... something different, to get our group talking to each other, and talking to new people, and having real conversations other than just what clothes they bought at the mall this week or who they have a crush on (ok, maybe i've been spending too much time with girls :) haha)
    the second week will be an "outreach" night where we do something to attract other people... having a cool band come in, doing "fear factor" (the choice for this month), etc....
    the third week will be our "options" night.... where we come in and do a few songs and announcements and a short testimony... then we split into a number of--yes, you guessed it--OPTIONS.... a worship/deep Bible study group, a leadership group for guys, a small group for girls, a movie area, hanging out in the cafe/youth room (mor fellowship), 3-on-3 basketball or something of that sort in the gym..... where kids at all kinds of spiritual levels can find a place to fit in and something they want and are comfortable with.
    and the fourth will be a deep worship/prayer/teaching night....
    we're going to see if that helps bring in lost kids and deepen the community within our group, because those are two things we really need. i'm really excited..... God can do some cool stuff i think

    here's a snippet from my convo with greg house, cause he makes a cool point:

    JCsBigHus (12:48:29 AM): that sounds really exciting.
    little leah 125 (12:48:39 AM): yeah. should be cool to see what God does with our group
    JCsBigHus (12:51:12 AM): I love seeing what God does with different groups.
    JCsBigHus (12:51:25 AM): part of my favorite is that no two groups are the same.

    little leah 125 (12:51:31 AM): yeah
    little leah 125 (12:51:40 AM): but God is always moving
    little leah 125 (12:51:43 AM): it's crazy

    JCsBigHus (12:51:59 AM): yea

    it's so true.... no church, no group, no person looks the same as they change and grow, but God moves in so many ways..... so very cool.

    so tonight i played mario kart with chad, zane, stephanie, and eventually paul and josh nunn..... man i suck at that game. though i did start to get a little better by the end of the night..... but i stress a LITTLE.

    anyway, time to go to bed now, so i'm done blurting too :) i'll get back to y'all later with more fun from the church-front! g'night

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