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Jessica (litai115) wrote,
@ 2003-12-16 19:06:00
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    Current mood: busy
    Current music:Matchbook Romance

    third time's a charm, but would we ever get that far?
    So anyway...we'll write more about what's going on in my life later. For now, suffice it to say that work is very crazy. My papers are all written (although I thought I broke my laptop and had to spend a night writing in the E-lab and sleeping in the fish bowl), and my finals are starting tomorrow (since Monday's were postponed to the 22nd).

    I'm very tired, because I stay up talking to Brian every night these days. But that's my own fault.

    I can't wait for the New Year...can't wait.

    Anyway...I've gotta do laundry and run to Walmart. Hopefully Chris will wanna hang out tonight -- even though I should be studying, I really need to be around people right now. =)

    This is stuff saved up from a few days, because Blurty hasn't been publishing.

    1) Single or Taken: very single
    2) Sex: girl
    3) Birthday: January 15
    4) Starsign: capricorn
    5) Siblings: a half sister, and a brother and sister who aren't really my brother and sister
    6) Hair color: brown
    7) eye color: brown
    8.) shoe size: 9-10, depending on the brand
    9) Height: 5'3"-ish
    10) Who is your best friend? chris, jenna
    11) Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend: no
    12) Who do you like? i'm batting around all kinds of possibilities at this point
    13) Where is your favorite place to shop: target. or Walmart in the middle of the night, with Chris and Susie on Adventure Tuesdays.
    14) Any tattoos or piercings: not yet
    15) Do you do drugs: never
    16) What kind of shampoo do you use: Suave, because it smells good and they sell it for about a dollar.
    17) What are you most scared of: not making a difference to the people I care about.
    18) What car do you wish to have: mine -- i just wish I could afford to get the dents banged out.
    19) Who is the last person that called you: my mother.
    20) Where do you want to get married: in the garden of a manor house/hotel where i can have a weekend-long celebration
    21) How many messenger buddies do you have? on Belladonna994, 92.
    22) If you could change something about yourself, what would you?: i would try to look at myself with as forgiving an eye as i hold to everyone else
    23) Favourite Color: black, lol. no, probably purple, green, or various shades of blue.
    24) Songs: it depends on the mood, and also...which song is playing at the moment.
    25) Band: i don't have one trademark favorite band. i like a lot of different kinds of music.
    26) Subjects in school: poli sci, sociology, psychology, literature (except for Readings in Humanities)...
    27) Animals: puppies
    28.)Food: anything Italian gets to me
    29) Way to die: peacefully.
    30) Game: violent air hockey. or bad chess. or Spit or Egyptian Ratscrew.
    31) Given anyone a bath: i washed this girl's hair once at Bill's house because she couldn't get her costumed nails off...and i bathed a dog once.
    32) Smoked: i have. i started and quit one month in seventh grade.
    33) Bungee jumped: i will someday.
    34) Broken the law: daily, when i drive at death-defying speeds on Route 17.
    35) Made yourself throw-up: nope
    36) Gone skinny-dipping?: nope
    37) Made yourself cry to get out of trouble?: you betcha
    38.) Red: if you say so
    39) phone: um...
    40) Socks: i don't have enough, and they're all just plain white socks.
    41) Greenland: uh huh...
    42) Do you like filling these out: yes.
    43) Last film you saw at the cinema?: Bad Santa, which sucked
    44) Favorite cartoon character: the baby on The Family Guy
    45) What do you have for breakfast in the morning? Cheerios
    46) Who would you hate being locked in a room with: Bill or Vicki -- we'd kill each other
    47) Who would you love being locked in a room with: Jen, because we probably wouldn't notice, until she wanted to go to the bowling alley and we couldn't get out.
    48.) favourite quote: "The more sadness carves out of you, the more joy you can ultimately pour in."

    x. Slept in your bed: me
    x. Saw you cry: everyone at work, to my horror
    x. Made you cry: Rawn probably
    x. Spent the night with: ha.
    x. You went to the movies with: my mom
    x. You went to the mall with: myself last time...but the last time I wasn't alone was with Chris or Jen
    x. Yelled at you: gotta be my mom.
    x. Sent you an email: grandma.
    x. You kissed: the puppies at work yesterday

    x. Said "I Love You" and meant it: i don't think so
    x. Gotten in a fight with your pet: sibling rivalry with my dog.
    x. Been to New York: many a time
    x. Florida: no, but someday I'll make it to Disney World.
    x. California: no, but someday...
    x. Hawaii: I wish
    x. Mexico: no, but if you want to take me to Cancun (any month but March - April), feel free
    x. China: I would love it
    x. Canada: yes, with Jen and Daddy, and we decided we hate Canadia
    x. Danced naked: probably at some point. but i was alone at the time.
    x. Dreamed something really crazy and then it happened the next day: sometimes
    x. Wish you were the opposite sex: nope
    x. Had an imaginary friend: i don't think so

    x. Red or blue: blue
    x. Spring or Fall: Fall
    x. Are you bored: currently, no.
    x. Last noise you heard: the sound of SNL reruns on TV behind me.
    x. Last time you went out of the state: almost daily.
    x. Things you like in a girl/guy: i like intelligence, a sense of humor (bonus points if it's a dark or sarcastic one, double bonus points if it's both rolled into one), and someone who allows me to see things about them that they don't allow others to see -- and will respect me enough to not share with the world the things i allow only them to see in return. i also like long hair, tattoos, some piercings, guitar/bass players, guys who like dogs, guys who like movies, and guys who like me. the offbeat generally attracts me as well.
    x. Do you have a crush on someone: I'm one of those people that sees things in potential terms as opposed to actual ones, ever since senior year of high school. It's usually more, "I could like him" than "I do like him"
    x. What book are you reading now: i'm working my way through several books at the moment
    x. Worst feeling in the world: loneliness, feeling like you're not loved
    x. What is the first thing you think when you wake up: I don't wanna
    x. How many rings before you answer: a couple...depending on whether or not i hear it.
    x. Future daughter's name: Morgan?
    x. Future son's name: my uncle stole the one I really liked without knowing it, so now that my cousin is named Cole I'll have to settle for Dillon or Patrick or Tristan.
    x. Do you sleep with a stuffed animal: at home, but not at school.
    x. If you could have any job you wanted, what would it be: i want to be a lawyer...maybe a judge someday
    x. Are you a lefty, righty or ambidextrous: righty
    x. Do you type with your fingers on the right keys: no, but i type about 120 wpm. if you don't believe me, i invite you to watch me type. once i was in the computer room in high school, sitting by the door, and people came in from the hallway to stand in awe and watch. the best part about that story is it's true.
    x. What's under your bed: my jewelry box, my old stage management box, a bag i love but don't carry anymore, and some clothes
    x. Favorite sport to watch: hockey
    x. Current Age: 19
    x. Siblings: Nicole...14? 15?
    x. Location: Mahwah
    x. College plans: graduating May of '05? or January of '06.
    x. Piercings: just my ears
    x. Boyfriend/Girlfriend: currently, neither.

    x. Do you do drugs: never
    x. Do you drink: nope
    x. Who is your best friend: Jen and Chris and Susie
    x. What kind of shampoo and conditioner do you use: cheap stuff that smells good
    x. What are you most scared of: not making a difference to people I love
    x. What clothes do you sleep in: a t-shirt and PJ pants
    x. Who is the last person who called you: my mom
    x. Where do you want to get married: someday
    x. Who do you really hate: Everyone. Yes this means you! (if you know me, you know the truth)
    x. Favorite number: 9
    x. Been in love: nope
    x. What type automobile do you drive: '99 Corolla
    x. Are you timely or always late: Always, always, always early. I have a thing about it.
    x. Do you have a job: yes.
    x. Do you like being around people: depends entirely on the people. if it's the right person, the one who understands that you can sometimes just sit in silence in a room, even doing different things, and still feel close and comforted, then all the time. if it's someone that constantly needs to fill the air with noise, then when i'm in the mood to talk.
    x. Best feeling in the world: knowing that something you did made somebody else's day better

    x. Are you for world peace: in theory, yes.
    x. Are you a health freak: not really...but i'm trying
    x. Have you ever loved someone you had no chance with: yes
    x. Have you ever cried over something someone of the opposite sex did: yeah
    x. Do you have a "type" of person you always go after: no
    x. Want someone you don't have right now: sure
    x. Are you lonely right now: yep
    x. Ever afraid you'll never get married: sometimes -- I was just talking to Val the other day about how, if I can't tolerate anyone more than three months ever...I'll never get married
    x. Do you want to get married: if i find the right person
    x. Do you want kids: sometimes

    x. Room in house: Whichever one no one else is in
    x. Type(s) of music: Depends on how I am feeling
    x. Band: all different stuff
    x. Memory: Boston/Salem with Jen, Christa and Sandra...
    x. Day of the week: whatever day I have off work -- extra good if I don't have classes, either
    x. Color: black...purple, blue, green
    x. Perfume or cologne: i love vanilla scents. on guys...nothing that Dan or Keith ever wore. I like Bill's Drakkar...
    x. Month: late-September to October, when it's not sooo cold, but it's sweater weather and the leaves are changing colors and the trees are on fire.

    x. Cried: yeah
    x. Bought something: food at work.
    x. Gotten sick: no
    x. Sang: yes. I sing all the time.
    x. Said "I Love You": to my mom, on the phone this morning.
    x. Met someone new: Yes...the people I sold dogs to, for one.
    x. Moved on: never
    x. Talked to someone: yes
    x. Missed someone: yes
    x. Hugged someone: no (and i'm going through withdrawal)
    x. Kissed someone: No (and I'm going through withdrawal)
    x. Fought with your parents: nope
    x. Had a lot of sleep: no (although sleeping from 4 - 11 was the most I've gotten in a long time)


    You have a love of travel and adventure, and you enjoy sports. You also have a very strong sense of fair play and want justice. You can be quite inventive and quite curious. You try to be prudent. You have good business acumen. You have a need to earn money to prove your success to society and must learn the true value of material gains and status. You are relatively demonstrative in your affections. You enjoy being stroked verbally and physically. You are clever, inventive, imaginative and youthful. You enjoy socializing. You have much enthusiasm with a driving attitude toward achievement in life.

    You are fair-minded sometimes to the point of being opinionated. You have a strong need to be loved and appreciated. You need to learn to be expressive. You are a person who cannot tolerate being misunderstood. You can handle details well. You have a methodical mind. You have a great deal of loyalty to those you love. You have much inner strength. You enjoy a challenge. You can take thought-directed actions. You have a need to be up front.

    You have a tendency to resist change. Don't miss opportunities for growth. You have a love of creature comforts, but must learn to handle money. You have a need to be up front. You have a lack of confidence in your mental abilities and do not like being forced into giving your opinion. You have a lack of confidence in your mental abilities and do not like being forced into giving your opinion. You need to learn to be expressive. You are a person who cannot tolerate being misunderstood. Your privacy is important to you. You have a rich inner life. You need to learn faith in place of fear.

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