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i always take the long way home (lippsgirly) wrote,
@ 2004-02-23 16:35:00
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    Current mood: peaceful
    Current music:Bob Dylan -- Forevrer Young

    second update ever.
    Sorry if this doesn't come out the most aesthetically pleasing entry ever, but i had to come home and write about it. It might seem trivial to some of you, but I just witnessed something truly and amazingly beautiful. As I was walking home from my Organic Lab at Brown today, I heard a funny noise in the sky. I looked up and what I saw literally gave me chills. Above my head were well over 150 geese in various V shapes, migrating all together. They let out little calls to let each other know where they were going. There had to be at least 12-15 different V-formations. I stopped as I was walking and just stared straight up into the sky--I watched them change positions in their formation, each taking its turn as the leader, each sharing a part of the load, each blocking some of the wind for the others that followed. I was awestruck. I just that is God. There has always been something beautiful to me about watching geese fly. Only God could have designed something so beautiful and so breath-taking. It reminded me of Ben Mahuron's funeral. When Ben died, his dad Mo told all of us kids that Ben always admired the geese--how they each took the lead to guide the others safely home. Mo asked us then who would be the next to head up the I don't necessarily think that I have fulfilled my position in the front of the V. I could ramble on excuses as to why, but in all actuality it's nothing but my own fault. I have often let myself get distracted with boyfriends, school, pastor Gary would say, I have found myself running towards moral insanity at times. I know that that is part of being a kid, part of being at college...part of being a human....part of growing. I have tried, I have failed, I have gotten discouraged, I have strayed...I have come back home. I don't know, like I said...this might be trivial to all of you, but to me it was just a little way for God to say hello and make sure that I'm still looking up to him.

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