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Rachel (lipglosser2005) wrote,
@ 2003-07-11 17:18:00
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    Current mood: ecstatic
    Current music:British Nat'l Anthem, being that that's where I am.

    #2, Days 2 and the 1st half of 3. Title: "Bus-hopping, Extreme Pedestrianism, and Potter highs".
    Well hello to all again! I have many specific things to say to those of you who replied- I love getting replies. (Cue Significant Cough.) They will be at the bottom. But first I would like to have everyone congratulate Kelly on her magnificent recap of Paradise Hotel. It was absolutely splendid. Incredible, really. I am now attepting a digital round of applause.

    Okay,thursday. I did sleep, but not until 28 hours without sleep had past. I am quite pleased with myself. :) Then I slept for 14 hours: two nights worth. Oh, well. I ate breakfast at Tabitha's, then the two of us went to Merry Hill! (A rather large mall for the more American ones among you. I believe it is bigger then Lehigh Valley. Well, *much* bigger than Lehigh Valley Mall would be better suited. Anyway.) We shopped, we conquered. Then we met Dan and Leo by Debinins-I mean- Dibenons- Ahem- Debenhams. Cough. It was quite difficult to pronounce. Then we ate at McD's, which although I usually find the restaurant terribly disgusting, this one had chicken strips, so all was right in my world. And I have a Strawberry Dream McFlurry, which was basically vanilla with strawberry gel/jelly swooshed in, and white chocolate bits. Yum. And I got a "Hoob" with my Happy Meal. Don't ask- I'm not quite sure what it is myself either. Afterwards, we shopped around some more, and went home.

    Then I saw a pirated copy of Hot Chick, which wasn't that good; it had a few funny bits but was pretty dull. Ate dinner... played an amusing game called "Consequences". Don't feel like explaining it now, though. Then 'round half-past nine went out with Dan, and three 19 year olds named Phil, Dave, and Jon. They were quite nice. We played pool, or rather they played and cheated a bit. I cheated a bit too, purely for the sake of my own amusment. It was pool in the form of "Pool Shark", which means you get lives... and so on and so forth. They encouraged me to cheat: did I say these boys are nice? Dreadful, really... sore losers when I kicked their butts at Monkey Ball on Gamecube at one in the morning. Honestly. The one has a very nice car.

    I got up at nine this morning, and as I got ready, I added a Strawberry lip balm to my purse. That means the lip-item total was 4 at that point. (This is very important, we will keep track of this number as time goes on.) We went to do some banking stuff, and exchanged some £££ into euros. (£ is the pound/currency sign for those of you who are uneducated. Ha!) I added another lip item to my purse at that time- taking the number to five. Then we took a DOUBLE-DECKER to Birmingham! It still astounds me! (Okay, I've ridden in one before: I don't care. It was still fun.) Then we got off, and got on another bus. Then a third one.

    We did a lot of bus-hopping today.

    We got to the indoor markets. I felt like a child in a playground! It was so COOL! We both had fun shopping around... Tab got stuff for her card making, I got -er- (mumbles) lipgloss. Cough. Well, um, the total became 8. But not all for me! I think? Anyway, it was all super-cheap, (price-wise) all tax-free. And the shopping gods live on.

    Had 'chips' for lunch. That's french fries. And I paid 10 pence (about 15 cents) for a tiny packet of Ketchup: I never loved the USA more. Honestly- 10 pence?!? The packet was tiny! Miniscule! It terrible. I'm going to move on before I start preaching on my soapbox about the freedoms of Ketchup. Brandon wouldn't surivive a meal here.

    There was a very nice Jazz band playing. I don't really have much to say about that, just thought I'd add it in.

    Oh, Uncle Micheal just tempted me with a Milky Bar. Vanilla ice cream covered in white chocolate. I gave in. Dreadful, really, considering what I'm about to go on and on about.

    Okay, now here is the most exciting part of my day. Three words: Harry. Potter. Candy. Well, I might need a few more words, being that these were EXCTING candies, ones that you CAN'T get is the US, and I went absolutely OFF IT when I saw them. There are Fizzing Whizbees (which don't make you levitate, unfortunatly: maybe it only works for wizards) and Every flavour Chocolate, and Hogmeade Chocolate bars, which are really unusual and wonderful at the same time. I think I got a bit high off the sugar... or the Potter, whichever way. I think Michelle and Becky remember what I was like after we saw CoS for the first time? Something like that- though, fortunately, toned down quite a lot. I think I'm going to end this subject, I've finished my Milky Bar and I'm not keen on gaining 25 pounds while I'm here. To sum it up though, Tab and I bought fantastic amounts of candy, and I have come to the conclusion that she is trying to fatten me up to the point that the plane won't take off, and I'll have to stay and be her little sister forever. So be it.

    Oh, but I've got more to say about Candy. Tab bought me a Kinder Egg, which was much nicer than I thought it was going to be. I was quite certain that it would be those icky cream-filled eggs... but it was Milk Chocolate and White chocolate sort of thinly layered together around a plastic egg that you open which has a prize inside. I got the most *perfect* one: Bugs Bunny the DIRECTOR. Oh baby. Now, according to the sheet, there's a Daffy with a camera, which I would ADORE to get, because it is absolutely perfect for Dad. (Right Mom?) I'll eat as many Kinder Eggs as I have to to find it. (I can hear the scale straining now.)

    Now, for the second most exciting thing so far, and the part that will probably a running schtick within my own universe to come. (Pay attention Michelle: you have done this. With me.) My new favourite sport. EXTREME PEDESTRIANISM! Tab and I were weaving through these Double-deckers (Two feet apart, tops!) And they were moving about and though our lives may not have really been in danger, (not exactly high speeds) our limbs certainly were. And I realized this was quite akin to the rush that Soccor- oh excuse me- 'football' players get before a game. Or tennis players in a match. Or Harry when he catches... anyway. So this is my new sport. I have, of course, unknowingly taken part in it before. In MYC, Michelle and I, well, let's just say it involved Taxi's, Michelle praying, and an Old lady Clucking on the other side. Tsk, tsk. Speaking of which, Dave told us a joke last night- Why did the Dinosaur cross the dirt track? Becuase roads weren't invented yet! Hardy-har-har. Chortle, giggle. Ahem. Beck to Extreme Pedestrianism: well, there's really not much more to say. Except that I've found it can be a spectator sport too. And any age can participate! I sound like a commercial. We are going to move on.

    Wow, I've written a lot. I wouldn't be surprised if most people have exited out by now. Actually, I think I would be. This is a rare insight into my mind people! Yeah, try to pretend I don't blab off like this given the chance. Right.

    Oh, and I've decided to post all these on my deserted blog. I've actually put some thought in to this, so much brilliance would be a terrible thing to waste on you lot. (I'm kidding.) You know, I DID love those replies. They really brightened my day. And I typed that while loudly coughing. It sounded like the word 'hint'. I wonder what that could mean?

    Well, goodbye to all, I've got to... well, figure out summat to do. I'm going to Spain tomarrow! You won't hear from me for a week. Probably. Sorry anyway- and the Personal Responses are at the bottom.

    Love from the UK, (Spain next!)

    Mom- I'm e-mailing! I got the pictures. They were very much appreciated. Has anyone accidently opened me e-mail account while I was away? Because I'm waiting for an e-amil from Emily. Meh, doesn't matter. Well, no, it's bothering. Eek, I can't make a decision. Next time I talk to you on the phone, I might ask if you can check. No biggie. Anyway...I got you your Caramac Bars. No, not all the candy was for myself. Ha, ha. Love You!

    Michelle- The flight people are notified when someone below 18 is traveling alone, apparently. The flight was 8 hours. No, there was no delays. I arrived in England around 8:30. (Their time.) No, there would probably be no room for you. We'd have to fight over the bed- or you'd be sleeping on the couch. Or Dan's room. By the way, I am VERY ANGRY AT YOU! EXTREMELY! FURIOUS!! WHAT IS SMIDGEN'S REAL NAME????? I'm going to growl at the computer now. You just wait. I'd better know when I get back from Spain. I have no sympathy for you pink eye for this reason. Well, maybe a little. I know how much your looking foward to Mexico, I hope you get to go. Just remember that everything happens for a reason. (Weak smile.) I hope you have fun, whatever happens. I told Dan you said Hi.

    Kelly- Explain why I had fluff? Well, you can't get the stuff in England. And they're absolutely mad about it. Now Phil has the exploded tub of whatever. Right. They do have more DVD's than you. But it will be okay. Bill and Ted's excellent adventure? Have you *seen* that? It's not an 80's version of DWMC. It's like those school videos to make learning fun. They guys, do act the same.. but still. Now, did you get my message in the beginning? Of course you had. I *LOVED* your recap. Adored it. Do it again next time- don't shorten it, I loved all your Alex comments and your Commercial breaks. Fan-tast-ic. It is emmensely appreciated. Truly, it is. MWAH!

    Kris- I told Dan you said hi the first day I was here. I remebered. I was very good.

    Right, I'm done! G-bye again!

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