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Liz (lipgl0ssnletdwn) wrote,
@ 2003-12-09 22:45:00
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    About yourself

    What is your full name?: Elizabeth
    Do you like your name?: yea
    If no, what would you change it to?:
    Age: 16
    Gender: i have tits
    What grade are you in?: 11
    Number of siblings and age: thats a weird question for me.
    Where do you live?: massapequa. yea it sucks. alot
    Where were you Born?: idk
    Why are you taking this survey?: im bored and i have no life
    A little about yourself: crazy. and not in a good way. LoL

    Food: dominos
    Dessert: chocolate flourless cake
    Car: 1956 jaguar roadster. escalade. m-class
    Actor: jake gyllenhaal
    Actress: kate hudson / iyari limon
    Female Singer: idk
    Male Singer: Eminem
    Movie: cruel intentions / donnie darko / lost and delirious
    Song: mad world idk who its by its from a movie
    CD: right now -- anything by Veruca Salt
    Game: strip uno LoL James
    Book: Prozac Nation or uMm Cut or uMm... idk
    Subject in School: Math
    State: New York
    City: NYC
    Football Team: Steelers
    Soccer Team: i dont like soccer
    Sport: karate
    Basketball Team: HATE basketball
    Animal: tiger
    Color: red
    Relative: kadie
    Channel(TV): nogin or MTV or 11 or 5 b.c of the O.C.
    Show: real world.
    Drink: bac 151
    Thing to Do: sleep. think of ways to kill myself (LoL Chi). uMm give jackie bruises LoL uMm... shop (with CasS)
    Brand of Clothes: hollister. lucky. uMm yea
    Store: wet seal. hollister. lucky. nordstrom LoL
    Hotel: marriot or hyatt
    Number: 7
    Word: ...o...k....
    Phrase: uMm.. diE*
    Season: winter
    Tree: i only like one tree of trees.... hah yeaaa
    flower: roses. orchids.
    Fruit: rasberry

    This or That
    car/truck: car
    Silver/Gold: white gold
    Hot/Sexy: sexy
    cd/tape: cd
    Radio/XM radio: radio
    Playstation 2/XboX: ps2
    Soda/Pop: soda
    Plasma/HDTV: plasma
    Small town/Big City: big city
    Basketball/Football: football
    Rainy/dry: rain
    Hot/Cold: warm
    Long/Short: long
    Shorts/Pants: pants

    This or that about members of the opposite sex
    Muscles/Curves: muscles
    Tight Jeans/Baggy Jeans: baggy
    Peck on the cheek/french kiss?: french kiss
    Quiet/Loud: loud
    Wild/Quiet: wild

    Love And Things of that Sort
    Love is: painful.pointless.
    Do you have a g/f or b/f?: nope
    If yes what is their name:
    What's your fave physical feature they have?:
    Personality Feature?:
    Have you ever kissed before?: yes
    If so,when was your 1st kiss?: i dont member
    Most Recent?: idk
    Longest?: i don't time
    Have you ever french kissed?: yes
    Favorite place to be kissed: ok yea other ppl are gonna read this so... no
    Have you ever been caught "doing something"?: yup
    Where do you like to go out on dates the most and why?: uMm... idk

    Do you believe in
    God: no
    Heaven: no
    Hell: yes, we live in it
    Satan: no
    Aliens: nah

    How much time do you spend
    Reading: alot
    Doing chores: never
    Playin sports: idk
    At the movies a month?: i havent gone in madd long

    Who Was the Last Person You
    Slow danced with?: i have no clue
    Talked to on the phone?: Jackie
    Hugged?: erica
    Instant messaged?: chipper
    You laughed with?: jackie

    Number Of
    Drugs taken illegally: alot
    CDs you own: like 300
    Scars on your body: 2many
    Things in the past that I regret: none

    In the morning I am: sleeping
    I dream about: dying
    Could you live without the computer?: no
    Which hurts more physical pain or emotional pain?: emotional
    Do you trust others way too easily?: nope
    Have you ever played a game that required removal of clothing?: yup
    If so, when and with who?: strip uno LoL James
    Your best feature: idk
    Your biggest flaw: everything
    Most annoying thing you do: breath
    Biggest mistake you've made this far: not killing myself
    Describe your personality in one word: congenial
    The physical feature for which you are most often complimented: my ass
    A smell that makes you smile: axe body spray stuff for guys
    A place you'd like to visit: uMm aruba but i've already been there uMm Ireland
    A drink you order most often: diet coke
    Under your bed or in your closet you hide: liquor
    I know: everything
    I want: it all to end
    I have: no one
    I wish: i did
    I hate: myself. but i hate everyone else more.
    I miss: i'd put sum1s name but i think they mite read this.
    I fear: being alone
    I hear: music
    I search: for happiness
    I love: shopping
    I ache: all the time
    I care: about my friends
    I always: see the glass not half empty or full but being thrown at the wall and shattering into peices
    I dance: if im drunk
    I cry: a lot
    I do not always: smile
    I write: notes. in my journal. on my arms.
    I confuse: myself
    I can usually be found: online
    I need: a job

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