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LipCrack (lipcrack) wrote,
@ 2012-05-12 17:11:00
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    .so believe it or not....finished for the day....ended up having to rake the burnt out fire remains across the back as fertilizer...and removed all the rocks from the burn off.....probably about two buckets full...but realistically there won't be too many more of those too remove....ended up using the hand saw dad bought to cut back the tree's from the North side of the property....which were starting to push against the windows...
    they're also about two feet away from the gutters now...
    cleaned all the roof gutters....and the wheel barrow of sludge swept that came from them put across part of the back slope that's lost soil....

    ...and I can't move...covered in ash and mud ...jeans caught on a nail on the effectively....I'm thinking...I'm going to have a shower...and pull out a new pair of jeans....these one's while not too bad....didn't really take too long to get work worn.....I can still wear them...but they're probably not going to be too good for best....might even become my around the house pair... just depends how they wash up next I guess...

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