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LipCrack (lipcrack) wrote,
@ 2012-03-12 00:58:00
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    ..okay...well I've finished doing that...there's a little issue with the totals....but it's hard to work out what the problem is.....and no doubt some I've missed a couple accidentally....and as it only accounts for 2010 and 2011 so far..

    ..but given was my biggest home cost in 2010 and computer maintenance in 2011....

    ..but it doesn't include any investments....and this year will definitely be different....but it was interesting to get it done....and probably I'm making a couple of errors with the know...I've tried putting in a years welfare payments and seeing if it will debit etc..but it's just not happening....

    and for some reason I don't have a receipt for the law books...that I can refer too...that's probably in some other file....due to it being on docket ..but you can't claim it as an expense .. you know....there's big lump sums going everywhere.. ..and just keeping a very close eye on what I am doing with what I get...and I know I could be doing more with it....but not until I know a few more laws.....

    ...and fortunately haven't made too many big mistakes ...yet...I know you learn from mistakes...but its probably just as important not to make too many.

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