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LipCrack (lipcrack) wrote,
@ 2012-02-23 12:43:00
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    well I'm up strange start to the day, woke up again to the cat at my bedroom door....and what I've been doing is shinning the torch on it in the passage to see if it's got any thing on it before letting it in my room, did that this morning.....didn't see anything let it in my room....stayed on the bed for about 5 min's then started playing around...I get up....and there on the floor is a fairly, I'll now say small rat. Remove it and the cat.
    Then just got out of bed....go out in the kitchen come back into my room.....and by my door, is a dead rat....
    probably the biggest I've seen.
    So kind of shitty about it....because if it just left them alone...well there might still be a small rat population in the hills in the next few months....the way it's going there won't be....

    ....thing is know....the carcass are all in one I'm still kind of surprised about the half possum.....and with this huge rat....just know I've removed it with the dust pan...but I've flipped it over...and I'm thinking....well how do these things actually know it's not mauled....this one doesn't have any teeth marks...and even if it had tooth marks would only just broken the skin...and things don't die by ...maybe it's too much cat handling...fright....maybe it's a couple of broken bones...
    it's just weird.....and this know's that big....its like....well how could it even carry that in it's mouth..... ..

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