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Lindsay (linzz2007) wrote,
@ 2003-03-22 20:21:00
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    Current mood:hyper
    Current music:Uh... Lindsay's laugh!

    Today.. boring
    Uh.. this is the first entry and I had a semi-good day. I woke up at Danielle's house and that was at 8:30 after I went to sleep at 1:30... ahh... so tired. And then we played Sims and made a FUNNY house... Then I went home at around 12:30 and I got ready to go to the Pasta Dinner at 3:30... gahh! So anyway I sat there for an hour folding napkins and plastic silverwear... goodness me.. .that bites! Then Mary, Amy, Laura and Chelsea (and TJ but we don't need to count him) played a little bobble eh.. can't spell. We went in and about an hour later, things got a little crazy... While Laura went crazy, I ate! hahaha to her! Then... the night went by SLOWLY... so SLOWLY and then the thing ended. *Laura is typing this now..* THEN SHE RAN IN TO A WALL LADIES AND GENTLEMAN! WE WERE LEAVING AND SHE FELL.. JUST FELL. SHE FELL GRABBING HER SHOULDER AND LAUGHING SO HARD. then I saw the wall. Yes... a little wall sticking out.. and I noticed she was walking by when she fell laughing. Oh my gosh .. I couldn't breathe.. and now here we are... um... nothing.. Buhbye! *LINZZ and Laura...

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